Sexy underwear health room

Sexy underwear health room


In modern times, sexy underwear has become a symbol of fashion and personality attitude, and has received the love and attention of more and more people.In addition to the unique design and sexy texture of the appearance, there are many advantages of health and health underwear. Today we come to the sex lingerie health room to understand the health knowledge of sexy underwear.

Material of sexy underwear

The material of sexy underwear is very diverse, including cotton, silk, fiber, etc., but the most commonly used is polyester fiber and nylon.These materials are soft, comfortable, breathable, easy to clean, and smooth fabrics can reduce the friction of the skin, which is conducive to maintaining skin health.

Sexy underwear wearing time

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Interest underwear cannot be worn for too long. It is generally recommended to replace 1 or 2 times a day, especially in high temperature season or exercise.It should not be too long to wear, so as to avoid the breeding of sweat and bacteria, preventing the occurrence of diseases such as inflammation and eczema.

Choice of bra

Women choose underwear to choose according to their breast shape.Thin women can choose the bras of the bras as A and B cups. They can choose a C cup, while the chest -shaped round can choose D cup or more.The tight binding of milk cups and breasts can better support the breasts and prevent drooping.

Men’s underwear health care

Men’s exquisite erotic underwear also needs to pay attention to maintenance. The sexy underwear you bought should be soaked in warm water first. Wash it with mild detergent and rinse it with water. Do not wash it with a washing machine.The underwear should be dried and the sun is not allowed to be exposed directly.In addition, it is important to ensure that the private parts are dry and hygienic.

Pajamas wearable requirements

Interest underwear cannot replace pajamas. It is best to choose comfortable cotton pajamas when you sleep to avoid affecting the breathability of the skin.At the same time, it is best to remove all the erotic underwear before going to bed to make the skin fully rest.

Swimsuit material of sex underwear

Some sex swimsuits are made of nylon and elastic fibers, which can improve the elasticity and waterproofness of the swimsuit, as well as the characteristics of quick -drying.However, some people are allergic to this material, so you need to choose a swimsuit material that suits you.


Keep the sexy underwear clean

Sending underwear needs to be cleaned before wearing, otherwise it will affect physical health.It is best to wash with your hands. Do not be too high in temperature. After washing, dry and press.At the same time, pay attention to the color of the underwear. When washing light and dark underwear, you need to be washed separately to avoid dyeing.

The replacement cycle of sexy underwear

The replacement cycle of sexy underwear is generally about 6 months. This is because the underwear is used for a long time, which will produce bacteria, causing infection or directly affecting physical health.In addition, underwear will also lose elasticity, deformation or damage due to excessive use time.

in conclusion

In addition to the sexy function of sexy lingerie, there are many advantages of hygiene and health care, and we need more attention and attention.We should choose sexy underwear suitable for our body. Pay attention to keeping clean and replacing cycles in order to better protect our health.