Sexy underwear female polar pollution temptation Hanfu

Sexy underwear female polar pollution temptation Hanfu

Sexy underwear female polar pollution temptation Hanfu

Paragraph 1: Introduction

As modern women, we are pursuing freedom while paying attention to our beauty and sexy.The category of erotic underwear has become more and more the focus of our attention.Today, let’s discuss how to combine sexy underwear with costume culture Hanfu, so that you can fully show the ultimate charm and temptation of women.

The second paragraph: the charm of the Hanfu of costume culture

As a traditional Chinese clothing, Hanfu still has a unique charm in today’s society.His elegant, exquisite, and luxurious appearance has become the dream of women’s pursuit, and more and more foreign friends have a strong interest in Chinese culture.

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The third paragraph: the perfect combination of sexy underwear and Hanfu

The traditional Hanfu shape is rigorous, and it also allows us to consider carefully when choosing sexy underwear.For example, in the chest matching, you can choose a bold and sexy style to show the seductive curve beauty.

Paragraph 4: Selection of Color

In terms of color selection, Hanfu generally uses dark colors, and sexy underwear chose to focus on red and black.To avoid too dazzling colors when matching, choosing a dark -colored erotic underwear matching will make the whole look more beautiful and charming.

Fifth paragraph: the design of the skirt and the choice of sexy underwear

Hanfu in costume culture usually uses an A -line skirt or pleated skirt shape, which looks solemn and dignified.But in some Hanfu activities, we can also choose the design of the skirt split to add a little charming and sexy to the entire shape.In this case, you can choose to match the sexy underwear of perspective style or lace lace style.

Paragraph 6: Design and Selection of Fun Underwear

In addition to skirts, the design of the sleeves in Hanfu is also very particular.Normal sleeve shapes usually do not need to be matched with erotic underwear.However, for stitching sleeves, such as the design of seeing perspective or lace lace at the sleeve, to match the sexy lingerie, it will also make the whole shape more feminine.

Seventh paragraph: the choice of the occasion

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When choosing to match, you also need to pay attention to the occasion.If you are participating in the formal activities of Hanfu in the costume, you need to pay attention not to be too bold, choose a relatively low -key sexy lingerie style to match.And if you are in some sexy themes, you can choose a more explicit style to truly show your personality and sexy.

Eighth paragraph: the final effect

When sexy underwear is perfectly combined with Hanfu, the ultimate charm and temptation of women will be shown excellent.Hanfu itself is a good stage. As an embellishment, sexy underwear will make women’s beauty the greatest sublimation.

Section 9: Summary

When choosing Hanfu with sex underwear, you need to comprehensively consider many factors such as design, color, and occasions.Only by comprehensive consideration can the best results.Of course, the matching of Hanfu and sexy underwear also requires us to have a certain aesthetic and confidence in order to truly show our beauty and charm.

Tenth paragraph: Personal point of view

The combination of Hanfu and sexy underwear can be said to be very creative and interesting attempts.Compared with traditional Hanfu, this method also makes people see more interesting visual effects and aesthetics.I personally think that choosing sexy underwear and Hanfu on appropriate occasions is a manifestation of coexisting modern civilization and traditional culture.