Sexy underwear commotion

Sexy underwear commotion

Interesting underwear: From tradition to modern

Interesting underwear, it was originally a product that provides adults with privacy enhancement and sex experience.However, with the changes of the times, people’s aesthetic concepts have also changed. Interest underwear is no longer just a private occasion, but has become the endorsement of fashion and aesthetics.So, what are the types of sexy underwear?Let’s find out.

Type 1: lace sexy underwear

Lace sex lingerie is made of soft lace fabric. It pays great attention to the beauty of the curve in style design. With transparent mesh and silk, women’s body lines are more beautiful, more exotic, and people are easy to associate with romantic Paris.Essence

Type 2: Sexual Emotional Fun Underwear

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Sexual feelings are mainly sexy, with luxurious fabrics, use the wrong decorations and tailoring lines, and strongly show the female body curve of women, making women more beautiful and moving, attracting heterosexual eyes.

Type 3: COS sex underwear

COS sexy underwear is a designer cleverly combined with anime, two -dimensional elements and other elements to develop underwear.The diverse patterns and forms provide young people with more dressing options.

Type 4: Theme sexy underwear

The theme sexy underwear is based on the characteristics of various holidays and festivals. The theme underwear is released.For example, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and other festivals will have corresponding sexy underwear suits.

Type 5: Rope Art Sex Lingerie

Rope art sexy underwear is a Japanese -style rope technology with modern fashion elements to make sexy underwear for sex games.By proper tightness and solving, the body’s softness and temporary stimulus are added.

Type 6: Sexy Home Furnishing Instead

Sexy home clothing sexy underwear is a product that combines home comfort and sexy.On the basis of both sexy, the style is more preferred to the home service, making men and women more comfortable and freely dealing with private moments.


Type 7: Ordinary sexy underwear

Ordinary erotic underwear is not very impressed by people, but it is also a major genre in the sex underwear category.In terms of material, color, style, etc., it is similar to the traditional underwear style. It just pays more attention to choosing unique materials and some unique design elements, and sublimate ordinary underwear to special sexy underwear.

Type 8: Corset

The corset in sexy underwear refers to the style similar to ordinary corset. It has specially designed special design on tailoring and fabrics, which is more fit and highlighting the curve of women’s bodies. Under the sexy and gorgeous stimuliImagination space and spiritual stimulus.


Interest underwear is a concentrated embodiment of modern people in emotion and aesthetics.From tradition to modernity, a lot of innovation and changes have occurred in design and style.Each type of sexy underwear has its own unique characteristics, which aims to help couples add fun and intimacy.But no matter what type of erotic underwear, openness, respect, and responsibility are our attitudes at a private moment.