Sex underwear opening picture

Sex underwear opening picture

What is a sexy underwear opening file

The opening of the sexy underwear is a sexy underwear. It has an open design that allows the wearer to perform sex activities anytime, anywhere on some specific occasions.This underwear usually has many fancy and styles, which is a very popular sexy underwear.

S classification of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is usually divided into three categories: front -opening, rear openings and crotch opening type.The front -open type is common in bra and tops. The rear openings are common in jumpsuits and black stockings. The crotch open type is used in the lower body, which can facilitate more direct sex activities.

Sex underwear open stalls and ethics issues

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Some people oppose the existence of sexy underwear, because they think it will exacerbate the degree of sexuality and gender violence of society, which is not conducive to the establishment of morality and ethics.Of course, some people think that this is just a personal choice. As long as it does not hurt others, there is no problem.

Choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for you

It is very important to choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for you, because it needs to take into account factors such as its body shape, size, and sexual preference.It is best to measure your body size before buying, consult the clerk, or try try it on.

The style and texture of sexy underwear stalls

The style of sexy underwear can be a variety of: there are lace lace, swimwear style, front buckle and rear cross -lace -ups, and so on.In terms of texture, there can be options such as beads, leather, imitation leather.

The matching of sexy underwear stalls

The opening of the sexy underwear can be worn independently, and it can also be matched with other clothes to create a more colorful effect.For example, you can choose a pair of sexy hot pants, leather skirts or vests and other unique items to make your sexy more prominent.

Applicable occasions of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is usually suitable for private occasions, such as lovers saving, romantic nights, party and nightclubs and other places.Of course, some people will wear in daily life to improve their self -confidence and charm.

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How to maintain

The maintenance of sexy underwear is very important. Pay attention to hand washing, avoiding too much exposure and contact with corrosive liquid.You can use a special underwear storage box or placed in a dry and ventilated place when storing.

The brand and price of sexy underwear stalls

There are many brands and prices types of sexy underwear, such as La Senza, Victoria’s Secret, Savage, etc., ranging from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan.When choosing, you can choose products with moderate prices, reliable brands, and diverse styles.


The opening of sexy underwear is a sexy underwear, which can add a little fun to the recent depressed life, but not any kind of underwear is suitable for everyone. Wearing sexy underwear also needs to keep the scale, avoid excessive exposure and inappropriate occasions.Only to maintain a healthy and positive concept can achieve the effect of relaxing mood, increasing self -confidence and improving the quality of life.