Sex underwear exhibition forbidden broadcast

Sex underwear is banned, where does the merchant go from?

Recently, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television announced the ban on sexy underwear and asked major e -commerce platforms and physical stores to remove related products.This move caused a stir in the industry.What impact will the ban on broadcasting measures on the market’s saturated market today?

Market vacancy may bring huge business opportunities

With the ban on sex underwear, the domestic market will have a vacancy to underwear.This will bring huge business opportunities to the vision.Merchants can develop some products related to sexy underwear but do not involve naked and exposed content. These products can be similar to women’s underwear, but they will have unique features, such as lace and noble colors.In this way, merchants can continue to profit from the women’s underwear market.

The importance of brand impression

Merchants who find business opportunities in market vacancies must keep in mind the importance of brand impression.Due to the influence of national policies, the brand of sexy underwear will be seriously affected.Therefore, merchants need to re -build the brand impression, let consumers forget the exposed and explicit image, and turn to marketing and marketing to quality, style and fashion.

The balance point launched by new products

After the implementation of the ban on broadcasting measures, the launch of a new product will face a balance.Merchants need to consider how to launch new products without consumers satisfied with the harmony of products and policies.The balance point launched by new products will determine the future development direction of merchants.

Designers who lead the market need innovation

The designer of the sex underwear needs to re -examine the design ideas to find new innovation points.This innovation includes the innovation and design of the clothing structure and the essence of sexy underwear within the scope of law and attract consumers.

Analysis of the needs of buyer group

Buyers have different needs when buying underwear.When sexy underwear is banned, merchants need to analyze demand for different buyer groups.For example, in terms of gender, consumers of different gender need different sexy underwear, and the characteristics of the product will be different.Therefore, merchants need to launch different product types for different market segments.

Online sales or the focus of becoming a merchant

With the digitalization of the consumer market, merchants can consider expanding online sales channels to achieve greater market share.In the case of ban on broadcasting, online sales may be the best way to get rid of difficulties.By vigorously developing e -commerce, in the absence of vacancies in the market, merchants can use platform advantages to obtain more sales opportunities.

The importance of brand reputation

When sexy underwear is banned, brand word of mouth will be even more important.In the market, standing firmly and gaining the trust of consumers. These merchants need to pay attention to the brand’s family reputation and ensure that it is consistent when issuing new products.Good reputation can help merchants occupy more market share and maintain competitive advantages.

Communication with policy -related aspects

In terms of market demand, merchants need to communicate with policy -related aspects, understand the changes and changes of the situation, and make timely adjustments according to the changes in the policy.Customs and communication with the policy party can help merchants better serve consumers, and at the same time comply with laws and regulations in terms of policies, thereby developing business more firmly.


The bans of sex underwear have undoubtedly brought a major impact on the merchant, but it also means that the reshaping cycle of the industry has arrived.Merchants need to rationally evaluate market demand and policy changes, innovative design and re -positioning brands, and communicate with relevant policies to obtain more business opportunities and provide consumers with better services.

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