Send Gemini Women’s Sex Underwear

Send Gemini Women's Sex Underwear

Send Gemini Women’s Sex Underwear

Gifts are a way of expressing love, and given to couples and partners a sexy sexy underwear, which not only enhances each other’s emotions, but also makes each other’s feelings more hot.However, choosing sexy underwear also needs to be selected by carefulness. Not only should we consider the brand, style, quality and other factors, but also the other person’s body, taste, personality and other factors.If your lover is Gemini, you must pay special attention when choosing a sexy underwear. The following is the best suggestion to send Gemini sexy underwear.

1. Gorgeous lace underwear (Introduction to the style of sexy underwear)

The texture of lace is soft and smooth, revealing the elegance, mystery and sexy of women, and under the reason for the characteristics of sexual temperament, even if a woman wears an ordinary lace underwear, it can make people feel extremely sexy.The gorgeous lace element, even the hard -to -really be emotional twin children can’t help it.So sending a gorgeous lace underwear can not only satisfy her vanity, but also make her feel your love for her.

2. Deep V hollow design (introduction of sexy lingerie style)

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Remove the "mind" in front of the underwear and reveal a large V -shaped play, which will perfectly display the tempting breasts. This deep V hollow design will not only add more mysterious atmosphere to your lover, it seems to be likeI was telling you: "I’m beautiful, I’m full of temptation." A deep V hollowed sexy underwear always excited her.

Third, comfortable cotton underwear (the quality requirements of sexy underwear)

Even in the cold winter, comfortable cotton underwear can make people feel warm and comfortable.For those who pay attention to quality and texture, sending a high -quality cotton underwear is definitely a intimate and practical gift.Remember, quality is the key. Don’t be greedy for cheap and sacrifice quality, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble and embarrassment.

Fourth, retro high waist underwear (introduction of sexy underwear style)

High -waisted pants are all covered and given some small retro sense. Even if there are not many lace and perspective elements, it can also give people a sexy and soft feeling.Twin children may prefer colorful details. Therefore, retro high waist underwear sketches the curve to soothe the young girl feelings in the hearts of each girl, which is the best gift choice!

Five, see -through design of sexy underwear (introduction of sexy underwear style)

Perspective elements are a classic design that can show the sexy sexy of women to the greatest extent.Compared with other conventional underwear, perspective underwear can also leave an unparalleled sexy mystery.When your lover puts on perspective underwear, it is undoubtedly a rhythm that surprises you.So, if you want to bring a new pleasure to your lover, see -through underwear is a good choice.

6. Dark underwear (Introduction to the style of sexy underwear)

Dark underwear looks modern and highly advanced. Compared with gorgeous colors such as rose red and red flowers, it is better to impress the choice of twin children in the product.At the same time, the upper body effect of dark underwear is very balanced, and it looks more elegant when wearing.Sending dark underwear, showing your professional, serious and in -depth considerations.


Seven, sexy lace stockings (Suggestion of sexy underwear)

You can also match a pair of sexy and low -key lace stockings in addition to choosing underwear.If you are watching movies with your lover and walking, you can wear a lace stocking socks.At the same time, with a bright skirt or shorts, and a pair of long leg, it will create a playful and vibrant feeling.Without too much modification, the most important thing is simple and fashionable.

Eight, natural wind tube top underwear (introduction of sexy underwear style)

You can send tube top -style underwear as a high -end recreational gift and pre -marital sex gift.The tube top underwear outlines with natural style and sexy, and the light texture is also a major advantage.The charm, the exposed texture, and the exposed body lines set out the elegant and sexy charm of Gemini.

Nine, pink color underwear (information introduction of sexy underwear)

Pink tender color is a color that women often like. It represents women’s softness, gentleness, and cuteness, and has a strong attraction.For the two children with aura and vitality, pink underwear symbolizes happiness, lively, and energetic. Therefore, pink color underwear will be a gift for the two children to love.

10. Viewpoint

Choosing love underwear is just as important as choosing a beloved partner. If the donated underwear becomes a spiritual comfort between the two, the love of the two will be more bright.Inject happiness and happiness into the process of sending affectionate underwear, make two people more loving and sweet!