Selling sexy sheets on the door

Selling sexy sheets on the door

Selling sexy sheets on the door

Now, with the development of the Internet, more and more people choose to buy sexy underwear online.But in fact, some people are not suitable for buying sexy underwear online, because the size and style of sexy underwear are not suitable for everyone.Therefore, in some cases, selling sexy underwear on the door is a better choice.This article will introduce some knowledge and skills about selling sexy underwear on the door.

Choose the right sales channel

If you are starting to sell sexy underwear, then you need to choose the right sales channel.Usually, you can start through social media or your personal social network recommendation.In addition, you can also try your sales activities in the local market or women’s social groups (such as the mother community or women’s fitness group).

Provide exquisite services

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When you start selling sexy underwear, you must provide exquisite services.You need to understand the needs of customers and put all your thoughts on satisfying customers.Some customers may feel uncomfortable, so you need to show a respect and professional attitude, giving customers sufficient time to choose their favorite products.

Prepare some necessary tools

Before selling sexy underwear, you need to prepare some necessary tools.For example, you need to prepare a suitable makeup mirror, soft lighting and a suitable trial room.In addition, you can provide customers with sufficient customers to allow them to try your sexy underwear comfortably.

Has professional knowledge

Before selling sexy underwear, you need to have some professional knowledge.You need to know the characteristics and differences between different styles and different materials of sexy underwear, and know how to choose the sexy underwear that is best for them for customers.You also need to learn about the latest sexy underwear fashion trends and update your inventory at any time.

Provide personalized advice

You need to provide personalized suggestions when you are in sex underwear to customers.Some customers may be interested in certain styles, and some customers may need to have your professional advice to determine the most suitable style for them.It is very important to understand their needs and provide personalized suggestions by talking with customers.

Privacy protection for customers

Sales of sexy underwear is a very personal thing, so you need to give customers the protection of privacy.You can ensure that you provide sufficient obstruction when you try it on.You can also let customers try your products without other people present.

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aftersale service provided

After selling sexy underwear, you need to provide after -sales service.If the customer has any questions or needs to be returned, you need to deal with it in time.Providing excellent after -sales service will allow you to win a good reputation and bring you more business.

Continuously update inventory

In selling sexy underwear, inventory is very important.You need to constantly update your inventory to ensure that your customers have sufficient choices.Understand the latest fashion trends of love underwear, and update your inventory according to market demand.


Selling sexy underwear on the door requires professional knowledge, fine services and personalized suggestions.In the process of providing services, we must respect the privacy of customers and give her privacy protection.By continuously updating inventory, providing after -sales service and understanding market demand allows your customers to choose the sexy underwear that suits them best.