Selling sex underwear earned 300 million

Selling sex underwear earned 300 million

1. Who says that it is difficult to sell for sexy underwear, "300 million Qi Shuai" entrepreneurial diary

Many people think that the market for sexy underwear is difficult to develop and cannot be sold, but the entrepreneurial story of "300 million Qi Shuai" tells us that there is indeed a large number of business opportunities in the erotic underwear market.Qi Shuai is a young entrepreneur. After graduating from college, he started his own entrepreneurial journey.His original intention was to do something he was interested in, and at the same time he could make money.So he chose the sex underwear market.

2. Create a unique brand and pay attention to the construction of product quality

For Qi Shuai, he decided to build his own brand in the sexy underwear market and became the leader of the sex underwear industry.Therefore, before starting his business, he actively tried various styles, materials and styles, and cooperated with manufacturers to improve product quality.In the process of product development and production, he always adheres to the principle of "quality first".

3. To understand the market in -depth, lock the target group

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In the sex underwear market, different types of people like different styles and styles.Therefore, in order to occupy a place in the market, we must understand the market in depth and lock the target group.In the early market research, Qi Shuai chose some female friends and industry experts to conduct in -depth interviews and conducted a detailed analysis of the market.In the end, he determined the target group and launched a customized sexy underwear product for the group.

4. Cut into the "explosive model" product and increase brand awareness

Before the brand began to promote, Qi Shuai led the team to develop some "explosive" products. These products were very popular in the market and became one of the factors to promote brand awareness.In the process of creating "explosive" products, Qi Shuai focused on the innovation, materials, design and marketing methods of the product, and achieved great success.

5. Constantly dig new market opportunities and launch new brands

The sexy underwear market is a potential market. Qi Shuai is well versed in it. He continues to dig new market opportunities and launch new brands.In the promotion and marketing of new brands, he uses a variety of methods, such as social media marketing, precision positioning, event planning, etc., to attract more target customers.

6. Adopt a variety of channels to open up the market to break the traditional business model

In the sexy underwear market, sales channels are very important.Qi Shuai was not satisfied with the traditional sales model, and he actively developed a variety of sales channels.In addition to offline physical stores, Qi Shuai also opened e -commerce platforms, such as Tmall Mall, Jingdong Mall and the same time, Qi Shuai also tried to expand to overseas markets, further breaking the traditional marketing model of the sex underwear industry.

7. Attract more investors with brand reputation

Qi Shuai’s brand reputation is very good. He actively maintains the brand image and constantly provides customers with high -quality services and products.This has gradually stabilized his brand, generated good reputation and popularity, and attracted more investors.With the help of these investors, Qi Shuai continued to improve the operation model and expand the market, and gradually created a huge sexy underwear business empire.


8. Combined with major cultural festivals, get out of your own path

In the sexy underwear market, festivals and seasonal activities are very common.However, Qi Shuai not only carried out marketing activities in accordance with the festival, he also combined his brand characteristics and cultural background to embark on a unique marketing road.For example, during Valentine’s Day, Qi Shuai launched a series of sexy underwear designed for couples, which is very popular.

9. Facing market changes, quickly follow up and adjust the strategy

In the market economy environment, the market has changed very quickly, so companies must constantly adjust their strategy to adapt to market changes.Qi Shuai noticed market changes very sensitive. He adjusted his business strategy in time and continued to update product styles and marketing strategies.In this way, Qi Shuai has maintained his market competitiveness and continued to maintain a leading position.

10. Viewpoint Output: There is still a lot of room for development in the sex underwear market

Through the "300 million Qi Shuai" entrepreneurial story, we can see the huge potential of the sexy underwear market. Both young entrepreneurs and traditional enterprises can find business opportunities in this market.However, it is not easy to stay in the sex underwear market for a long time.In addition to in -depth understanding of the market, we also need to pay attention to product quality and brand image, and constantly tap new market opportunities and open up sales channels.We believe that in the future, there is still a lot of room for development in the sex underwear market.