Russian sexy underwear sales volume

Russian sexy underwear sales volume

Overview of Russian sex underwear market

In recent years, the sales of Russia’s sex underwear market have risen year by year.According to data from market research companies, from 2019 to 2021, Russia’s sexy underwear sales were 2.36 billion rubles, 3.21 billion rubles and 3.92 billion rubles, respectively.

Popular styles and sales hotspots

In the Russian sexy underwear market, more sexy styles such as lace, perspective, and hollow are always popular.In addition, in recent years, many stores have also begun to promote home leisure series, such as lace -type and waist -style comfort sexy lingerie, which are loved by many consumers.

Consumer population and market proportion

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The main consumer group of Russian sex underwear market is young women, accounting for 60%of the market sales.Female consumers over 30 years of age have begun to pay attention to quality and comfort, and it is not necessarily the first consideration for sexy.

Sales channel and price range

The sales channels for Russian sexy underwear include online and offline.The online sales channels mainly include e -commerce platforms and brand official website, and offline is mainly based on adult products stores and department store underwear counters.In terms of price, the market is mainly divided into three levels: below 1,000 rubles, 1000-3000 rubles and 3,000 rubles and above.

Brand and market competition

In the Russian sex lingerie market, the main brands include two types of international brands and local brands.While international brands present diversity, the price is relatively high, usually located in the high -end market of the market.And local brands are widely accepted because of their own taste and consumption preferences of local consumers.

Cultural factors

The cultural background of Russia’s sexy underwear market is also an important factor.For Russian culture, even sexy underwear is often regarded as humble and inferior in the eyes of the outside world.Therefore, it is necessary to be more cautious in publicity and marketing.

Promotional activities and consumer voices

Russian consumers love promotional activities very much, and when buying sexy underwear is no exception.In the Russian market, sellers often launch a variety of promotional activities in order to attract consumers, such as full reduction and points rebates.In addition, consumers also call for the sale of more diverse, skin -friendly, and more comfortable sexy underwear.


Future trends and prospects

From the current hotspot in the Russian market, it can be seen that the trend of the future sex underwear market is becoming diversified.In addition to traditional sexy styles, consumers’ demand for high -quality, more comfortable home and leisure series of underwear will also grow.In the future, market competition will also intensify.

Brand recommendation

1. Wild Orchid: The brand insists on using high -quality fabrics and a variety of color options, which is favored by consumers.At the same time, Wild Orchid also launched a variety of home leisure series underwear, which can meet consumers who enter the age of 30.

2. Obsessive: This is a Polish brand. It pays more attention to design and details, and has attracted the love of many young women.The new styles launched can always lead the trend, and it is a recommended brand.


In general, the Russian erotic underwear market has shown a trend of youth, diversification and branding.In the future, more types of sexy underwear may occur, and the needs of consumers will continue to change.Therefore, in terms of brand strategy and sales channels, we need to continuously improve their ability to adapt to market changes.