Plus large size sex lingerie picture Daquan

Plus large size sex lingerie picture Daquan

In the market, we can often see exquisite sexy underwear. Most of these underwear are facing ordinary figures. However, for some full women, it is difficult to find that the tasteful underwear that is really suitable for ourselves.Below, we provide you with a suitable sexy sexy lingerie style and related knowledge for everyone, so that everyone can better choose the underwear that suits them.

1. Underwear style

1. bra -style sexy underwear

Plus -type women are best to choose bras with steel wires. In addition to making the chest shape more beautiful, they can also effectively support the chest and avoid sagging.In addition, in terms of cups and cutting, choosing a concentrated style is more suitable.

2. Hollow sexy underwear

The hollow sexy underwear broke the traditional underwear form with its unique design, and was loved by women.For plump women, the hollow design can highlight the plumpness of the chest, while adding sexy charm.

3. Conjusational sexy underwear

Conjusational sexy underwear is an overall underwear, which visually shows the perfect figure.For plump women, choosing a connective sexy underwear with a beam body can effectively solve the problem of inconsistent body proportions.

2. Details of underwear style

1. Hook buckle design

The hook design of the underwear directly affects the comfort and support effect of the underwear.For plump women, choosing a hook -buckled underwear can better support the chest, and it is not easy to produce spillover and drooping.

2. chest pad design

The design of the chest pads is not only for shaping the sexy breast type, but also the main role is to provide better support for the chest.For plump women, choosing the right chest pad style can effectively play a role in supporting and gathering.

3. Material selection

Pay attention to comfort and breathability of underwear materials.For full women, choosing a soft and comfortable underwear material will help relieve the oppression of underwear. At the same time, the quality of the underwear material with good breathability can help sweat and avoid excessive sweating.

3. Recommendation of plump women’s underwear styles

1. Sexy hollow lace sexy underwear suit

This underwear uses a hollow design, especially for the chest in full display space. It can well show that the woman’s graceful figure is very sexy.

2. Thickened and gathered bra

The characteristics of this underwear are thickened and help to provide better support.In addition, this style underwear is designed with three hooks and six rows, which can make the chest more abundant while ensuring support.

3. Tibetan blue luxury lace lace tube top sexy underwear

This underwear uses a translucent lace fabric. The dark color design can set off women’s skin tone. With a tube top style, it has a more elegant and elegant feeling.

Fourth, plump women need to pay attention to issues

1. Underwear size selection

When buying underwear, full women need to pay attention to size problems, and ensure that they can buy suitable sizes, otherwise they will affect the comfort and support effect of underwear.

2. Underwear material selection

The material of the underwear requires soft and comfortable, and the breathability is good, otherwise it will affect the wearing effect of the underwear.

3. Color selection of underwear

For full women, it is more suitable to choose dark or warm underwear, because these colors will better set off the texture of women’s skin and have more feminine characteristics.

in conclusion

The demand for full -bodied women for sexy underwear is consistent with market demand.When choosing a full -bodied woman’s sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to factors such as size, style, details, and color.In short, it is the best suitable for you. I hope this article can help plump women better choose and enjoy the pleasure and fashion of sexy underwear.

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