How to wash sexy sheets

How to wash sexy underwear correctly?This is a headache for enthusiasts that make many sex toys and sexy underwear.The correct cleaning method can effectively extend the service life of sexy underwear, maintain its health and comfort, and can also avoid stimulus to sex toys and sensitive private parts.This article will introduce how to wash sexy underwear correctly, so that your sex toys will always be in a good state.

1. Get the correct detergent

Before taking any washing operation, make sure you have the right detergent.Many sexy underwear materials are very special, and special detergents are required to effectively protect, allowing the material to restore the original state.When buying underwear, you can ask the clerk to wash the underwear.For sex toys, it is best to choose a special detergent to ensure that stains and bacteria are completely removed.

2. Go to pre -processing

Before putting sex underwear into the washing machine, it is best to make some pre -processing to ensure the best cleaning effect.First of all, you can gently rub the underwear with your hands to remove stains and bacteria.Secondly, you can soak the underwear in warm water for a few minutes and then wash it. This can make the material softer and comfortable, but also make the detergent more effective.

3. How to use a washing machine

For sexy underwear with general materials, you can use a washing machine to clean it.However, be sure to choose a soft environmental detergent and reduce the water temperature to about 30 degrees.Put the underwear in the laundry mesh to ensure the safety of the underwear and isolate the underwear from other clothes to prevent damage.During the washing process, if necessary, you can choose to wash the mode. There are fewer soapy water foams and will not bring extra stimuli.

4. Steps and methods of hand washing

For some softer and sensitive sexy lingerie, it is best to choose hand washing to avoid rinse of washing machines and high temperature water.Stir with a small amount of special washing solution with warm water and wash your underwear gently.At the same time, clothing of the same color should be washed separately to avoid mixing and dyeing.

5. Dry and shape

For many erotic underwear, it is best to avoid using a dryer, but to choose natural air drying.Dry the underwear on a cotton towel or a cool place.While drying it naturally, you can set it according to the shape and details of the underwear, and ensure that all parts of the underwear are cleaned, do not deform, and maintain the original material.

6. If there are silicone and other subsidiaries on the sexy underwear

Many sexy underwear and sex toys include silicone, leather strips and other accessories. These materials are special and need to pay special attention to cleaning.When you clean these erotic underwear, use warm water and individual special detergents to gently rub, then rinse with cold water, and gently dry it with towels or paper towels.These materials are very sensitive and must be avoided with hot water or excessive rubbing.

7. Replace underwear regularly

No matter how you clean and maintain sexy underwear, they will wear and aging over time.To ensure that your sexy underwear is always in the best state, please replace it regularly.Especially those underwear wearing daily wear should be replaced every 6 months to ensure cleaning and hygiene, and it is also a kind of protection for the health and comfort of the body.

8. Buy suitable sexy underwear

Finally, the correct way of cleaning can only play the greatest role only when you choose a suitable sexy underwear.Different materials and design require different cleaning methods and maintenance methods.When choosing a sexy underwear, please choose a good quality and reasonable design underwear according to your needs and personal preferences.This can reduce the difficulty and frequency of cleaning, extend the life of sexy underwear, and also enhance your wear experience.

Washing sex underwear is not a difficult thing, but the correct method can bring more benefits.Only by selecting the correct detergent, properly preparing, using washing machines or hand washing correctly, and correct drying and finalizing can your sexy underwear always maintain clean, hygienic, healthy, and comfortable, and can effectively extend its service life.Therefore, from now on, please take the right steps when cleaning your sexy underwear based on these tips.

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