How to choose the horizon

1. Understand your body characteristics

When choosing a sexy underwear, it is important to understand your own figure. Only in this way can you choose the right style and size.First of all, you must truthfully measure your bust, waist, and hips, and then select the corresponding styles and sizes according to your height and body shape.

2. Choose a style that suits you

Different people like different styles. Some people like cute ones, some people like sexy, and others like simplicity.Choose the style of sexy underwear according to your own personality and preferences, so as to wear confidence and comfort.

3. Pay attention to the choice of fabrics

The fabric of sex underwear has a great impact on the comfort of wearing, so you must choose good quality fabrics, comfortable and breathable, not easy to shrink and deform, and have long life.Common materials are cotton, lace, silk, etc. The comfort and quality of each material are different. You must choose according to your own needs.

Fourth, focus on color selection

Color choice is also an important part of sexy underwear purchase.Light -colored underwear is suitable for fair skin, while dark underwear is suitable for people with deeper skin.At the same time, choose the color according to the occasions of wearing, such as not to wear too bright colors in work.

5. The size should be correct

The size of the sexy underwear is very important. Excessive or too small will affect comfort and effect.Select the size according to your actual size, and don’t try to wear small or too large erotic underwear, which is not good for the body.

6. Consider the match with other clothing

Sex underwear is usually paired with other clothing, such as skirts, jackets, etc.When choosing sexy underwear, consider the matching with other clothing to avoid embarrassing scenes that are not matched.

7. Choose a brand with good quality

Good quality brands not only ensure the quality of sexy underwear, but also ensure the accuracy of after -sales service and size, especially for sexy underwear that requires special customization.When choosing, you can choose according to your own needs and word of mouth.

8. Reasonable price choice

The price of erotic underwear is different from factors such as material, quality, brand and other factors. You must choose according to your needs and budget.When choosing a price, paying attention to cost -effectiveness and quality, it is not necessarily the best choice.

Nine, the correct way to wear

The correct way to wear can ensure the comfort and aesthetics of sexy underwear.Some erotic underwear requires special methods, such as suspenders, shoulder straps, hanging neck types, etc., to choose and wear according to the situation to avoid embarrassing scenes of improper wear.

10. Conclusion

Choosing sexy underwear is not only to meet the needs of others, but also to meet their needs and self -confidence.When choosing a sexy underwear, choose according to your own needs and situations to avoid blindly following the trend or inappropriate choice.Comprehensive quality, style, price and comfort and other factors, choosing sexy underwear suitable for you is the most important.

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