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How to choose a sexy underwear suitable for boys?

In the past, the market of sexy underwear was mainly women, but now men’s sexy underwear market has become more and more popular.The sexy lingerie is rich in style, including the choice of many different styles and materials.Therefore, how to choose a lingerie that is suitable for sex underwear is an important task.This article will introduce some knowledge and suggestions about sexy underwear for boys for reference.

1. Know your size

The size of the underwear is very important. Due to the different body of the boy, the size can be from S code to 3xl.The selection of size should be reflected in the width of the shoulder band, the length of the clothes, and the width of the hem.It is recommended to measure your size when buying sexy underwear to avoid uncomfortable wear after purchasing.

2. The material should be comfortable

It is very important to find soft and comfortable sexy lingerie materials.The material of the underwear is usually made of silk, lace, cotton or tulle.If choosing comfortable materials will make your body feel very good, and you can also increase your comfort and self -confidence in sexy underwear.

3. The style should be diversified

Different boys have different flavors, as well as the style of sexy underwear.Boys can choose from different types such as animal patterns, lace or mesh.In addition, there are many erotic underwear brands taking into account the boy’s personality and characteristics when designing, and launched more creative underwear. Roman tailoring sexy underwear is a good example.

4. Selection of suspenders and vest styles

When choosing sexy underwear, the suspender and vest -style underwear are very popular, but not all boys are suitable for this style.Underwear should be adapted to your clothes and body size, and you should also pay attention to whether the support of the underwear is sufficient.If you want to try the sexy underwear of a suspender or vest style, you can choose some brands with good quality and strong support.

5. Consider the lace material

The sexy underwear of lace patterns gives a soft and sexy feeling, so each brand integrates lace pattern elements into the design of the underwear.If you want to buy lace sexy underwear, it should be noted that lace materials are more likely to be damaged than other materials and need to be more careful.

6. For the quality requirements of fabrics and details

The quality of the fabric and details of the underwear is one of the important factors that affect whether the underwear is suitable for you.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to carefully check the suture and break, and pay attention to whether the clothing has odor and fading.If the quality of the underwear is too poor, it may make you feel uncomfortable.

7. Choose special styles carefully

There are many unique styles in the sexy underwear market, such as transparent underwear and sub -light underwear.For these special styles, boys need to consider whether they are suitable for themselves.If you are not sure if you are suitable for you, you can try it from a simpler style, and gradually find the underwear style that suits you.

8. Pay attention to water washing

If you plan to buy sexy underwear, you need to understand the method of washing, and different underwear washing methods may have different effects.Some sexy underwear requires hand washing and cannot be used for washing machines, because the soft underwear material is damaged.Therefore, it is important to understand the washing method of underwear.


Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is as important as finding your own style and personality.Boys need to fully understand their bodies, size and personality, understand the characteristics and characteristics of love underwear styles and materials, and use their creativity to choose the underwear style that suits them.In this way, when wearing sexy underwear, the boy will be more confident, comfortable and sexy.

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