Will sex underwear sending courier will be checked?


With the gradual popularization of sexy underwear, many people start buying sexy underwear, dressing themselves or given to others.However, many people are worried that they will encounter problems when sending sexy underwear.They are worried that the parcel will be checked, and the sexy underwear will be identified as a prohibited product.So, will sex underwear express delivery?

Examination regulations for courier companies

When expressing inspections, the courier company will review it in accordance with national laws and regulations and the relevant regulations of the company.As long as the parcel does not include prohibited products, the courier will undertake.For sexy underwear, it is generally not considered to be prohibited, so it can be sent.

Is the sexy underwear legal?

Interest underwear belongs to adult products for commercial use, and generally does not violate the law.However, when buying and using sexy underwear, it is necessary to comply with relevant national laws and regulations and regulations.For example, they must not be sold to minors, and they must not be used in public.

Precautions for express delivery

When sending sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Try to choose a regular courier company to ensure safe arrival.

Sign the normal product name on the package to avoid using sensitive vocabulary.

Choose the right packaging method to avoid damage or exposing sex underwear.

Privacy issues during express delivery

When sending sexy underwear, customers usually worry about privacy issues.Express companies will protect customers’ privacy and will not disclose the contents of the package to anyone.At the same time, you can choose the name of the sender or the recipient on the parcel to further protect privacy.

Restrictions from overseas

If you want to send sexy underwear overseas, you need to pay attention to the relevant laws and regulations and restrictions of the destination country.For example, some countries may prohibit export supplies, or stipulates that specific documents must be obtained to import.

Return and exchange issue

Because sexy underwear is a relatively personal commodity, and the courier company generally does not accept the return of personal sex lingerie.If you need to return and exchange, you need to contact the seller for processing.

Copy the accident

Although sexy underwear is not a prohibited product, accidents may still occur during the delivery process.For example, parcels are stolen, damaged, etc.At this time, you can contact the courier company for compensation or solution.

in conclusion

In summary, sexy underwear is not illegal as adult products for commercial purposes, and can be sent through express delivery.When sending, you need to pay attention to protecting privacy, choosing a suitable courier method, and trying to avoid accidents.If there is a problem, you can contact the courier company or seller to deal with it in time.

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