Who should wear a woman who should wear a girl in sex underwear?

Who should I wear a girl with sex underwear?

Classic black lace underwear, sexy transparent net eye underwear, cute cartoon pattern underwear … Women have many sexy underwear types to choose from.But when women buy sexy underwear, should they consider the crowd?This article will discuss who should wear sex underwear.


When women consider sexy underwear, they should not only consider brand, style, quality and other factors, but also the crowds they face.For example, when you buy a transparent underwear to buy a transparent underwear in order to increase your sexy charm, remember to ask who you will face?If it is a crowd that may cause sexual harassment, it is recommended not to wear this underwear.

The applicability of the occasion

Sex underwear is often worn on special occasions.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, the applicability of the occasion should be considered.For example, when flirting with sexy underwear, you should choose the right time and avoid wearing this underwear in public.


Comment is a very important consideration for choosing underwear.Sex underwear is usually tight, and the material is also special.In order to ensure comfort, women should choose their own suitable size to avoid too tight and loose.

Cooperate with the appearance

The appearance and style of sexy underwear are different. In order to make the underwear more beautiful, it is recommended to use the corresponding underwear when mating with the coat.For example, when wearing short skirts, you can choose to wear thigh socks or jumpsuits to create a sexy effect.

Falling underwear material

The material of sexy underwear is special, and the sexy underwear of different materials has its own characteristics.For example, the cotton -made underwear is soft, comfortable, and breathable, suitable for long -term wear, and is easy to wash, while the underwear of the temperament of silk fabric is very skin -friendly, and it can highlight the beauty of women.

Color choice

Each color has its own characteristics and applicable occasions.The light -colored erotic underwear is more pure and cute, suitable for a romantic occasion, while the dark -colored erotic underwear is more suitable for more private occasions, and can increase the sexy charm of women.

Endooth function

Interest underwear is not only a role in beautifying and flirting. Some types of underwear also have special functions.For example, perfect -shaped underwear can help women’s breasts become more upright and more linear; sexy fake chests can make flat breasts full of confidence and so on.

Personal preferences

When choosing a sexy underwear, you should respect your personal preference.Various styles, colors, and shapes of sexy underwear are suitable for women of different personalities and temperaments.Therefore, in the face of your favorite erotic underwear, there is no need to be particularly subject to observation or body conditions.


Starting from the applicability of the crowd and occasion, the application of the occasion, the comfort, the appearance of the appearance, the selection of materials, the color, the function of the underwear, etc., we can conclude that the sexy underwear should be held by a woman who likes it.Only in this way can it truly highlight the unique charm and confidence of women.

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