Where is the difference between men and women in sex underwear?

Where is the difference between men and women in sex underwear?

As a male and female sex sexy products, sexy underwear sells very hot on shopping malls and online sales platforms.However, for many men and women, the most needed information before buying sex underwear may be the size choice.What is the difference between men and women when choosing sexy underwear?This article will reveal the difference between men and women in sex underwear.

1. Different suitable figures

First of all, the suitable figure between men and women is different.Most men are relatively thick, while women are more petite, and the differences in size are very obvious.Men usually need larger size, while women need smaller size.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, male and female customers cannot share the size table.

2. Different designs

Sexy underwear is also designed for men and women.Women’s erotic underwear is usually tedious and exquisite, focusing on detail design, such as lace, mesh, folds, lace, etc., while men’s erotic underwear is simpler, bold, and avant -garde, focusing on the publicity of gender.At the same time, women often have better abdomen and bodybuilding functions, while men are more focused on strengthening the beauty and sexy of the lower body.

Third, different color choices

Color is another aspect of sexy underwear between men and women.Men’s sexy underwear is usually black, red, silver and other colors, strong sexy colors, while women can choose more colors, such as pink, purple, blue, etc.This is because of the differences in gender, culture, aesthetic preferences, etc., men and women are more inclined to different choices in color.

Fourth, different materials fabrics

The material fabrics of sexy underwear are also separated between men and women.For women, sexy underwear usually uses lace, gauze nets, silk and cotton and other fabrics, soft and comfortable, and has good breathability and humidity.For men, most of the sexy underwear is made of silk, PU leather and other fabrics, which has more texture, making the body lines clearer and obvious.

5. Different personal feelings

Compared with women’s sexy underwear, men’s sexy underwear pays more attention to sexy effects, so it is also different from women’s sexy underwear in personal experience.Because men’s sexy underwear is usually tight, it is difficult to comfort.Even so, good men’s sexy underwear should be guaranteed to reach a balance between comfort and sexy.

6. Different functional needs

There is also a huge difference in functional demand for sexy underwear between men and women.Women’s sexy lingerie often emphasizes body shape shape and use, and different styles, fabrics and design combine the shape of women.Men’s sexy underwear is stronger and sexy, as well as the needs of wrapped the lower body more powerful, and may be equipped with other sex toys or equipment.

7. Different price interval

In general, due to the different quality of fabrics and design, there is a huge difference in the price of men and women’s sexy underwear.Women’s sexy underwear is relatively expensive in price. They usually need more details, such as chest pads and other luxury goods, while male sex lingerie is relatively low in price.

8. Different sales platforms

In terms of sales platforms, there are also differences in the sales platform of men’s and women’s sexy underwear.Women’s erotic lingerie is very common on shopping malls and online sales platforms, and male fun underwear is more prominent on the online sales platform.This is because men are usually shy and may be embarrassed by buying sexy underwear, and this situation does not exist on the online sales platform.

Nine, the same needs

Although there are great differences in the size, design, color, material, comfort, comfort, function, price and sales platform, men and women are very different, but men and women have the same demand for sexy underwear: increase interest and sexy.In terms of men and women, sexy underwear can increase the sense of satisfaction and romance of sexual life, and enhance the feelings of both sides to achieve a new height of sexual life.

10. Conclusion

In short, when choosing sexy underwear, men and women need to choose different styles according to gender characteristics, so as to obtain better beauty and comfort.Although the demand for men and women’s sexy underwear is different, they can meet people’s needs for beauty and sexy.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, the gender should be noticed in order to choose the category that suits you.

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