What should I do if I wear a sexy underwear too many times?


Sexy underwear is a good choice to enhance women’s sexy charm.However, any clothing needs to be replaced regularly, and sexy underwear is no exception.However, many women often wear the same set of sexy underwear due to busy or economic reasons.So, what do you need to pay attention to when you wear sexy underwear too many times?

Check the quality of sexy underwear

Fun underwear is too many times to cause poor quality, which will affect the comfort of wearing.Therefore, before deciding to continue wearing, check whether the quality of sexy underwear is qualified.Disrogenation, loose or off -line places need to be repaired or replaced to avoid affecting their own health and hygiene.

Pay attention to the cleaning and disinfection of sexy underwear

Pay attention to cleaning and disinfection in the same set of fun underwear.Because wearing, friction, sweat, etc. can cause sexy underwear to breed a lot of bacteria and affect health.It is recommended to use a special cleaner for cleaning. Each time you wear it, it is completely dry or disinfected with a high -temperature disinfection method.

Avoid frequent washing of sexy underwear

Large cleaning of sexy underwear will accelerate its aging and wear, leading to deformation, changing color and size.Therefore, do not frequently wash sexy underwear. It is generally recommended to wear it every 3-5 times to clean.

Rotating to use sexy underwear

When you need to wear the same set of sexy underwear for a long time, you should prepare multiple sets of lingerie for rotation.This can reduce the number of wearing of the same set of sexy underwear and extend the service life.At the same time, it can also improve its own wear experience and transformation style.

Avoid wearing sexy underwear for a long time

Wearing sexy underwear for a long time is an unscientific approach, which will affect the ventilation of private parts and increase the risk of infection.It is recommended to take off the erotic underwear before going to bed every night to get enough ventilation and breathing space in the private parts.

Choose a sexy underwear style that is comfortable

Comment is a factor that needs to be given priority when wearing sexy underwear.Different styles, materials, and size sexy underwear will have different effects on different types of figures. You need to choose the appropriate sexy underwear style according to your actual situation. Do not blindly pursue the trend.

Choose high -quality sexy underwear brands

Choosing a high -quality and guaranteed sexy underwear brand is the guarantee of ensuring quality and health.The design style and quality of different brands of sexy underwear will also be different, and you need to choose according to your own situation.

Replace the sexies in time in time

Even if it is properly handled, the sexy underwear will definitely expire and need to be replaced in time.Moreover, with the growth of age and physical condition, your body will develop and change to varying degrees. You need to choose the appropriate sexy underwear to wear.

in conclusion

As an important part of women’s sexy charm, sexy underwear needs to follow the principles of scientific and reasonable wearing.If sexy underwear is worn too many times, you need to pay attention to checking quality, cleaning, disinfection, rotating use and constant replacement.Only by taking care of your sexy underwear can we show the most beautiful, sexy and most attractive side.

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