What should I do if I hate sexy underwear? Girls

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a underwear designed to improve sexual happiness. It is usually achieved by using special styles, materials and design.For example, some erotic underwear may use materials such as lace, leather or mesh, as well as open design to emphasize some parts of the body, thereby creating a more sexy or hinting atmosphere.

Why does anyone hate sexy underwear?

Although many people are excited and happy about sexy underwear, some people are hated or even disgusted with them.The main reasons include:

They may be too exposed or too irritating, making some people feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Some sexy underwear can create unhealthy sexual concepts or pressures, making people feel uncomfortable.

Some people may look down on or laughed at people who wear sexy underwear, which makes the wearer feel embarrassed.

What should I do if I hate sexy underwear?

If you hate or dislike sex underwear, the following steps may help you:


If your partner likes to wear sexy underwear but you don’t have a cold, you can choose to communicate with him or her in a gentle and kind way.Tell them how you feel, and then discuss how to deal with this issue together.

Find in common

If you feel that a beautiful sexy underwear is not suitable for you, you can try to find the type that is suitable for you or both.For example, choose interesting cartoons, anime or movie characters’ themes of sexy underwear and so on.

Try other choices

It is not necessary to wear sexy underwear to increase sexual interest.You can try other ways, such as changing hairstyles, changing perfumes or trying new career methods, and so on.These are good ways to increase interest.

Rational treatment

You need to look at sexy underwear rationally. You can start from the aspects of comfort, quality, and value, and look at this kind of underwear in a more scientific way of thinking.


Everyone has their own preferences. For some sexy underwear, you may need to learn to accept.You don’t have to wear it, but you can respect the choice of your partner, know how to concentrate and try.

Interest underwear is not suitable for everyone

Although sexy underwear helps to increase interest, this is not necessarily suitable for everyone.Everyone has their own desires and hobbies. If sexy underwear is not your dish, then you don’t need to force yourself.In sexual life, communication, respect and understanding are the prerequisite. It is important to find ways that suits you and your partner to enhance interest and sex.

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