What kind of words are sexy underwear?

What kind of words are sexy underwear?

1 Introduction

Interesting underwear refers to the underwear designed to increase sex and sex. Its original purpose is to enrich people’s sexual life. Nowadays, sexy underwear is not only designed for sex. It more reflects women’s body for their bodies.What kind of word category does sex underwear belong to linguistics?This is a problem to explore this article.

2. Source of sexy underwear

The earliest appearance of the word sex underwear was in the 1980s. Its English words were Sensual Underwear. Later, it gradually developed into Erotic Lingerie, and in China, it was translated into sexy underwear.From the perspective of language source, sexy underwear is a phrase consisting of two words "sex" and "underwear".

3. "Interests" of the word analysis in linguistics

"Fun" is a noun in Chinese. From a grammar perspective, "interest" is an abstract concept, referring to the interest and hobbies in the aspects of beautiful feelings, life mood and other aspects.When forming words, "interest" is often used with other words, such as "sex hotels" and "sex products".

4. Word analysis of "underwear" in linguistics

"Underwear" belongs to the noun, which refers to the clothes that are close to the body, including bras, bottom pants, vests, etc., corresponding to "outerwear".Its role is not only to show the figure, but also to protect the body.

5. What kind of words are sexy underwear?

From the concept, "sexy underwear" is neither pure adjective nor pure noun, but a word group composed of a term "underwear" and an abstract term "interest". Its word is composite.From the perspective of content, "sexy underwear" emphasizes its design, the uniqueness of the style, and also reflects a kind of interest and thought contained in it. Therefore, "sexy underwear" is more inclined to adjective categories.

6. Comparison of sexy underwear and other related words

If you use a word to summarize a series of characteristics of sexy underwear, the most suitable word is "sexy".Compared with other women’s underwear, "sexy underwear" pays more attention to its sexy attributes.The closest to "sexy underwear" should be "sexy underwear" or "sexy clothing".

7. Talk about the precautions for sex underwear applications

Although the sexy underwear is very sexy and charming, it is important to note that it is necessary to choose the right one, not only to advocate beauty, but also to pay attention to comfort.In addition, when cleaning, pay attention to choosing a mild cleaning agent. It is not advisable to use a chemical cleaner such as a powerful bleach to avoid damage to the material of the underwear and stimulate the skin.

8. Summary

In summary, sexy underwear is a composite word, which is more inclined to the category of adjectives.The use of sexy underwear needs to pay attention to suitable problems and maintenance, and the use of appropriate sexy underwear can not only improve the quality of sexual life, but also enrich people’s spiritual life, bringing fun and joy to women.

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