What kind of psychology does you buy a fun underwear for your wife?

Step 1: Understand her preferences

Before you plan to buy your wife or girlfriend to buy sexy underwear, understanding her taste and preference is very important.Check the style of her existing clothes, which helps you understand her favorite color and material type.Ask if she likes some specific types of underwear, or you can ask what brands she likes.This step is very important, because you don’t want to waste money to buy underwear she don’t like, which will also make her sad about your choice.

Step 2: Don’t ignore the suitable size

When you are going to buy sexy underwear, make sure you know her size to avoid waste of money.The size of the underwear is particularly important, because the unsuitable size makes her feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.If you are not sure about her size, check her other clothes labels or try to ask her friends, or you can secretly measure the size.

Step 3: Buy the right style and color

When you choose a sexy underwear, you can choose a variety of styles and colors.Some styles are suitable for more conservative people, such as pink and white underwear; some styles are suitable for more bold people, such as red and black underwear; there are other different colors, such as purple, blue and green.In short, make sure the colors and styles you buy are suitable for her taste and personality.

Step 4: Consider her figure and style

Considering her figure and style, this is also an important factor in buying sexy underwear.If she likes a more conservative style, she should choose a more elegant and simple underwear style.If she is a fashionable woman, then you can buy more avant -garde and sexy underwear.No matter what her style is, she should choose the styles and materials suitable for her shape as much as possible.

Step 5: Buy high -quality underwear

Buying high -quality sexy underwear can ensure her comfort and confidence.Underwear is prone to harmful odor and allergic response, and underwear may be damaged faster.Therefore, in order to avoid this, it is best to choose high -quality sexy underwear.

Step 6: Buy a matching accessories

If you plan to buy sexy underwear, then you may want to consider matching the current popular sexy underwear, such as stockings, high heels, earrings and necklaces.These accessories are matched with underwear to make the feeling and temperament smoother and softer.

Step 7: Create the appropriate environment

When you buy a sexy underwear for your wife or girlfriend, they need to be disciplined and displayed.The best way is to create a corresponding environment that can use rose petals, candles and music to create a romantic and comfortable atmosphere.

Step 8: Different scenarios need different underwear

Considering different scenes for different scenarios.If you are preparing to travel to the beach or other tropical environments, breathable and sweat -absorbing underwear may be a good choice.And if you plan to have romantic dinner, you can choose more luxurious, simple and high -end underwear.

Step 9: Don’t think of sexy underwear as a prelude

Interest underwear should not be regarded as a prelude to sex.Instead, they should be a way to enhance sensory and express confidence.Therefore, when your wife or girlfriend is wearing a sexy underwear, don’t regard them as a prelude to sex, but to deepen your feelings through praise and appreciation of them.

Last step: enjoy this process

Buying sex underwear itself should be regarded as a kind of enjoyment.Through this process, you can better understand and understand your partner, and the relationship between you can be closer.Therefore, remember not to be too nervous and relax to enjoy this process.

in conclusion:

Buying sexy underwear can be a way for partners to enhance relationships, enhance self -confidence and enhance entertainment, but in the process, we must consider key factors such as size, style, color and quality.The most important thing is that when your partner is wearing a sexy underwear, don’t just regard them as a prelude to sex, but to enhance your feelings through appreciation and praise.

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