What is the whole set of sexy underwear?

What is the whole set of sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a way for modern women to show themselves, which is generally composed of bra, pants, socks, shawls, lace stockings, etc.This article will analyze what is the whole set of sexy underwear from multiple dimensions.

1. Bra

BRA is a must -have thing in sexy underwear. There are many types, including triangular, pentagram, bra, flat mouth, etc. There are many types, and you can choose at will.When choosing, women need to consider the comfort and support of the bra.

2. G-String/thong

G-String is a kind of underwear commonly used in sexy underwear. The difference between it and traditional underwear is that it is a line behind it, so it is also called "thong".G-String is a very important one in sexy underwear.Because it can show the perfect hip curve and make you full of femininity.

3. T-back/p-back

Corresponding to G-String is T-back and P-back.Their presentation is different. Unlike G-String, these two underwear usually leave a larger skin on the hips to present different sexy effects.

4. stockings

Stockings are one of the important part of sexy underwear, because it can show women’s beautiful legs and make women look more tempting.When choosing stockings, you need to choose according to your height and weight to ensure comfortable wear.

5. Sexy small underwear

Sexy underwear includes many different underwear, such as lace breasts, sexy vests, pajamas, etc.Their role is to create a mysterious atmosphere for women, making them look more attractive.

6. tight dress

Tight -fitting dress is another very important part of sexy underwear.While they are close to their bodies, they can show the curve of their bodies well, making women look more sexy.

7. zipper corset

Zipper corset is a very important one in sexy underwear. It is characterized by a zipper throughout the entire corset, which can show women’s chest well.This underwear is very popular in sexy underwear.

8. Lantern pants

Lantern pants are a type of underwear in sexy underwear. Its design is very unique and can show women’s hip curves well. At the same time, it can also wrap women’s lower body well to achieve a hidden effect.

9. Tight pants

Tight pants are a very important one in the sexy underwear. It is characterized by tightly wrapped the woman’s lower body to show the perfect curve.

10. Wary

The last one is the shawl. Its role is to create a more mysterious and seductive atmosphere for women, making them look more beautiful and moving.


The whole set of sexy underwear includes Bra, G-String/thong, T-back/P-BACK, stockings, sexy underwear, tights, zipper corsets, lantern pants, leggings and shawls.This special underwear can show women’s curves and lines, creating a very sexy and seductive atmosphere for them.At the same time, when choosing sexy underwear, women should pay attention to choosing underwear suitable for their body and skin to ensure comfortable wear.

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