What is the ribbon of sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is an important part of modern sexy life.What is confusing is that there are many seemingly inconspicuous small details in the sexy underwear, such as a few straps.So what are the types of sexy underwear?The following will analyze this issue to help consumers better choose the sexy underwear they need.

1. Shoulder strap

The shoulder strap is the most common strap of sexy underwear, which is mainly used to support the upper body.The width and material of the shoulder strap will affect the comfort and support of wearing, so you need to pay attention to this detail when choosing a sexy underwear.

2. Back strap

The back zone is an indispensable strap wearing a vest or tube top sexy underwear.The back straps are also wide and narrow. For sexy underwear that needs to be tied on the side, the back strap is particularly critical.

3. Blockbone

The hem belt is mainly used for pants -style sexy underwear. Its role is to close the hem in the hips and prevent shift.The hem band is usually adjusted by loosening tightness or buttons.

4. Blinding

The neckline is mainly used to support the neckline support when wearing tight -fitting sexy underwear to ensure that the chest shape is comfortable and natural.The width and number of buttons of the neckline will also affect comfort.

5. Foot band

The feet are used for the special erotic underwear band for the feet, which basically does not affect the comfort of wearing, but it is very practical when it needs to be particularly stable.

6. Cross belt

The cross band is a sexual underwear with multiple crosses such as shoulder straps, back straps, and foot straps, which can strengthen support.Cross -meal underwear needs to be noticed by the correct cross sequence to ensure the best effect.

7. T -shaped trousers

T -shaped pants bands are the key strap type, mainly used with T -shaped underwear and thong sexy underwear.Its role is to close interesting underwear to the body without a sense of oppression.

8. Striped zone

Striped bands are usually used as the decoration of sexy underwear, which can add overall sense of fashion and personalization.However, the material and detail treatment also need to be carefully considered to avoid affecting the comfort of wearing.

9. Pour the staircase

The pouring belt is an important type of band in the T -shaped underwear and thongs.It needs to fit the hips so that the underwear is slippery and tight.

10. Self -stick belt

Self -stick belt is a very practical band in sexy underwear, which can be freely adjusted according to individual needs.However, it should be noted that the material and adhesion of the self -adhesive band will also affect its use effect.

In summary, there are many types of sexy underwear, and each type of band has its unique effect and precautions.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, consumers need to fully understand the characteristics and uses of the type of band to choose the style of sexy lingerie that suits them best.

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