What does a man buy a sexy underwear represent?

Men’s complex psychology of buying sexy underwear

In recent years, more and more men have begun to buy sexy underwear.However, there are complex psychological factors behind this.Below, let’s find out.

Pursue a sense of excitement

It is undeniable that the nature of a man’s pursuit of irritation.Through their sexy design and materials, sexy underwear has stimulated men’s vision, touch, and other senses, allowing them to get a unique pleasure.

It is charming to show off her own woman

Men naturally like to show off.Buying sexy underwear can not only show off their own tastes and aesthetics, but also show their charm to the outside world.


Men’s desire for sex is unavoidable.As a sexual toy, sexy underwear can help men satisfy a certain degree of desire and promote the sublimation of intimate relationships.

Balance of sexual life

As the rhythm of modern life is getting faster and faster, many men are stressed, their lives are boring, and sexual desire is reduced.Sex underwear can evoke men’s passion for sex and regulate the balance of sexual life.


The current society is becoming more and more open, and there are more and more people with exploratory orientation.For men who try to explore and develop their sexual orientation, sexy underwear is a promoted factor.

Feeling more powerful

Sexy underwear can enhance men’s self -confidence and make them feel more powerful.This feeling will not only affect their intimacy, but also affect their daily work and life.

Consumption is happy

Many men buy sexy underwear to meet specific needs, but to enjoy the happiness of shopping purely.This "consumption is happy" psychology has been reflected in many fields.

Need to recognize

Men need a sense of identity, and sexy underwear is a kind of purchase behavior with special labels. For some single men, this allows them to have a sense of belonging and recognition.

Relieve stress

In modern life, stress is ubiquitous.For some stressful men, buying sexy underwear is a way to relieve inner pressure.

Increase the opposite sex

Sex underwear can also increase men’s heterosexuality.Put on a messy underwear to increase your attractiveness and make the opposite sex pay more attention to and pay attention to yourself.


Men’s purchase of sexy underwear is a very complicated behavior, without standard answers.For everyone, the reason for buying sexy underwear may be different.However, it is this complex psychology that makes sexy underwear a very attractive product.

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