What brand of girls have sex underwear?

What brand of girls have sex underwear?

Women’s sexy underwear has become a female fashion choice in modern times.As we all know, sexy underwear is sexy, which is what many women like.So, what brand of girls’ sexy underwear is best?The following is my analysis and evaluation of several brands.

1. Victoria’s Secret

As one of the world’s most famous female underwear brands, Victoria’s secret is almost the first choice for all ladies.Its quality is superb, the fabric is exquisite, and there are many designs.From romantic sweetness to dark temptation, it can cater to any taste.In addition, its product line is very complete. In addition to sexy underwear, there is a series of skin care products, perfumes and clothing.

2. Belladi shirt

Belladi was founded in 2016, but in less than five years, it has become a brand based on excellent quality and innovation.Belladi’s sympathetic lingerie is not only unique in concept, but also pays more attention to practicality.A variety of styles are available, including soft cups, half cups, three cups, etc.In addition, this brand has developed other types of underwear and swimsuits.

3. Aimer

Established in 1993, Aig is a iconic women’s underwear brand.Although there are fewer styles of sexy underwear series, each one pays great attention to experience and quality.This brand has its own factory, and every process from raw materials to finished products is controlled under high standards.If women need high quality in fabrics and tailoring, this is a good choice.

4. Antarctica (Antarctic)

The Antarctic people are a brand from China and started with their down jackets.The company is now gradually expanding its business scope.Among them, the fun underwear series is the most notable part.Antarctic people are welcomed for their diverse styles and prices (usually more affordable).Although the quality is not as rigorous as several other brands, it is very cost -effective.

5. Li-NING

Li Ning may be one of the strangest brands because it is a dance and sports clothing brand.However, the sexy underwear series it designed is very recommended.The brand’s sexy lingerie is unique. Most of them use beautiful and complicated prints, and there are also some basic models.This brand is a very good choice for women who don’t want to invest too much on sexy underwear.

6. Effney

Effenne is a high -end brand that uses "sexy, fashionable, lady" as the design concept.Its performance on sexy underwear is also very good.Many women believe that although the brand’s sexy underwear is relatively high, it is worth unparalleled design and craftsmanship.At the same time, this brand’s sexy underwear also has many basic styles, suitable for different needs.


Three -leaf grass is a diverse brand with costumes for men and women.Its design on sexy underwear is also very good, both styles and materials are very prominent.The sexy underwear of this brand is also very sexy, but still maintains a moderate grace.A perfect balance between fashion and sexy.

8. Baci Lingerie

Barklandon is a female brand specializing in sexy underwear.Its products are characterized and wild.If a woman wants a relatively small sexy underwear, then Barklandon should be considered.The sexy underwear of this brand gives a self -confidence charm, perfectly reflecting the sexy and charming of women.

9. Lambert

Lambert is a brand that combines retro and fashion.Its sex lingerie series is made of classic black lace.If you like this style, Lanbert is undoubtedly a good choice.Of course, the brand is not limited to black, and the sexy underwear of different colors is also suitable for different occasions.

10. Prada (Prada)

Prada is one of the world’s famous luxury brands.Its sexy underwear is also very amazing.The sexy underwear of this brand is full of design, and it is innovative and full of delicate details.However, the sexy underwear of this brand is very expensive, so it is only suitable for a small number of women.


In this big comparison, Victoria’s secrets are undoubtedly the most large -scale and influential brands.However, other brands also have their own advantages.Choosing a brand that suits you will make women feel confident and comfortable.Whether it is material, style or fashion, the brand has its own unique characteristics.

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