Wear a messy underwear in front of my husband

Wear a messy underwear in front of my husband

Sexy underwear is a sexy and mysterious underwear, which is suitable for couples to increase interest and romantic atmosphere.However, many women are still confused: Should we wear sexy underwear in front of her husband?This article will explore this issue and give suggestions.

Comfort is the key

First of all, the most important point of wearing sexy underwear is to ensure comfort, which is the characteristic of any type of underwear.If you are uncomfortable, you can’t relax, let alone enjoy it.Therefore, do not sacrifice comfort in order to make yourself look sexy.

Choose your style

Different erotic underwear styles are suitable for people of different types. You need to know what is suitable for you.You can choose the colorful color of Huahua’s whistle, or the sexual clothes of the whole body of the whole body, these are based on your own preferences and body choices.

Suitable for any occasion

Interesting underwear is not only the attention of the lover, but its role is also applicable to the life of husband and wife.It will be more suitable at home, but if you want to explore scene performances, sexy underwear is also very suitable.


No matter how familiar you are with your partner, you should realize the privacy of the body.Good erotic underwear should stimulate your lust, but also protect your privacy.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must make sure it meets your requirements and make you feel comfortable.

On the other hand, you should also notice that do not show others after wearing sexy underwear.This is appropriate to leave it to your partner.

Try new things bravely

In sex and life, sometimes I feel tedious.Interest underwear can bring you freshness. It can challenge your comfort zone and let you try something you didn’t know before.Therefore, please try new things bravely.

Show self -confidence

It is important to put on sexy underwear to make yourself more confident.This is a way you show yourself and your environment.When you confidently show yourself and trust your partner, your beauty will be more charming.

Protect your privacy

At home, you can wear any clothes you like, but outside, especially in public, you need to control your behavior.This is also suitable for wearing sexy underwear.Remember, you cannot expose your naked exposure to others in public. This is disrespect for others and irresponsibility to your own.

in conclusion

In general, wearing erotic underwear can increase the interest and romantic atmosphere between husband and wife, but to ensure comfort, choose suitable style, privacy, bravely try new things, show confidence and protect your privacy, etc.All need attention.If you do this, you can wear sexy underwear and enjoy a good time with your partner.

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