Washing for sex underwear?

Washing for sex underwear?

1. The importance of washing label

When buying sexy underwear, most products will have washing tags.Here we must recognize the importance of washing labels. It is recommended to read the instructions in the label carefully before buying underwear.

2. The difference between socks and underwear

When cleaning sex underwear, socks and underwear are two different things.Underwear is recommended to wash separately, and socks can be washed with other items.

3. Select the correct detergent

Different types of sexy underwear require different detergents.For example, cotton underwear should be used with non -irritating detergent, while the silk styles should be specially used.

4. The advantage of washing underwear in hand

It is recommended to wash the sexy underwear, because it is difficult to ensure that the detergent was washed and even damaged underwear.Hand washing can better control the method and process of washing, ensure the quality of underwear, and prevent excessive stretching.

5. Choose the right water temperature

Different erotic underwear requires different water temperature cleaning.It is recommended to clean the texture of satin, silk and other textures in warm water.For cotton underwear, you can use hot water to clean.

6. Prevent underwear deformation

When cleaning underwear, pay attention to prevent deformation of underwear.You can use a special underwear mesh to clean the underwear so that you can avoid the deformation and wear of the underwear.

7. drying method

Different erotic underwear needs to adopt different drying methods.For example, silk underwear needs to be dry naturally, and cotton underwear can be dried quickly with high temperature drying machines.

8. Prevent fading

When making conventional cleaning, pay attention to prevent sexy underwear from fading.You can add some salt to the water during cleaning, and strengthen the color of the clothes during the washing process.

9. Replace underwear regularly

Regardless of the length of the underwear, it will gradually disappear its original nature.Therefore, it is recommended to replace sex underwear regularly to prevent health after long use of underwear.

10. End view

Cleaning erotic underwear is very important. Different fabrics need to use different cleaning methods and detergents.Replacement of underwear regularly is more beneficial to health and should pay attention to maintenance when using.

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