Vibration erotic lingerie training novel Lin Bing

Background introduction

Lin Bing is a fans who are deeply fascinated by training novels. Her works always incorporate various erotic elements such as sexy underwear, SM props, cosmetics, etc. into the plot of the novel. Each novel can arouse readers’ strong emotional resonanceEssence

Famous vibration erotic lingerie

Vibration erotic underwear is a high -tech product that belongs to the category of sex products. It has built -in vibration modules and remote controls. It can switch the vibration frequency and vibration mode at any time through the remote control to bring strong stimulation to the wearer.Because this toy that is worn on the body can be completely hidden under the clothes, many women choose to wear vibrating sexy underwear in public to enjoy stimulation and pleasure.This underwear is often used in the training game, the purpose is to make women accept stronger challenges.

The vibration erotic lingerie training in the forest ice pen

In Lin Bing’s novel, the shaking sexy underwear was used vividly. After her heroine put on the vibration erotic underwear, she was completely controlled by the actor.Make sensuality of sensuality in public, as well as some downside movements.These are the veins and psychology of the heroine to control the heroine’s pulse and psychology with vibrating sexy underwear.

The risk of shaking sexy underwear

Although Lin Bing’s text renders the vibration and sexy underwear into a stimulus and pleasure, in fact, without sufficient security and training, there will be various potential risks during the training process.

How to avoid the danger of shaking sexy underwear training

First of all, when choosing shaking sexy underwear, you should choose a reliable brand to avoid the harm of low -cost products to the human body.Secondly, before the vibration erotic lingerie training, you should fully understand and understand your physical condition, and avoid the problems of excessive stimulation and cause physical discomfort.Finally, we must pay attention to safety during the processing process to avoid excessive moves in public places, affecting others.

Precautions during the training process

During the training process, the actor should strictly follow the heroine’s wishes and comfort to avoid adverse consequences from excessive stimulation.The heroine should also respect her psychological needs and physical health, and avoid discomfort after excessive stimulation.

Moderate use of vibration erotic underwear tuning

Moderate use of shaking sexy underwear training can help couples to increase interest and deepen their feelings.However, we must abide by safety rules to avoid potential harm to the body and emotions.


Vibration erotic lingerie training is a method of tuning full of excitement and pleasure, but it should be noted that it is particularly important to focus on safety and comfort.Appropriate use can add interest to the husband and wife, but it also needs to be taken seriously and prepared to avoid unnecessary consequences.

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