Very disgusted to wear fun jackets

Very disgusted to wear fun jackets

1. The impression of sexy underwear and sex services

Most people’s impression of sexy underwear often linked with sexual services, which has led many people to prejudice in wearing fun underwear. They believe that this is a vulgar behavior.Pursue.But in fact, erotic underwear is not just for satisfaction.

2. The purpose of wearing sexy underwear

The purpose of wearing a sexy underwear can be to show your figure, or to bring you more visual and emotional stimuli to yourself and the other half.But no matter what purpose, wearing sexy underwear needs to be confident in your body, otherwise it will not be able to achieve the expected results.

3. Appropriate sexy underwear on the body’s figure

Wearing a suitable erotic underwear can optimize the proportion of the figure visually, making you look more charming.For example, choosing a personal sexy underwear can make the figure more curve; when choosing an off -the -shoulder and back -to -back sexy underwear, you can highlight the beauty of the back and collarbone.

4. You need to understand your body and style

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to understand your body and style, and choose the style that suits you.People of different figures and different styles will also have different sexy underwear.For example, a flat chest can choose a centralized sexy underwear, and women with chest can choose to collect the sexy underwear of the parallel milk.

5. Follow the material and comfort of sexy underwear

Wearing sexy underwear should focus on comfort, rather than blindly pursuing beauty.When choosing sexy underwear, pay attention to the choice of material, choose soft, comfortable, and breathable fabrics to ensure comfortable wear.In addition, the size of the sexy underwear must also be appropriate. Tighter or too pine will affect the wear experience.

6. Don’t be too awkward and unnatural

Don’t be too awkward or unnatural when wearing sexy underwear.After all, sexy underwear is just a kind of clothing, and it will not change your essence.If you don’t like to wear sexy underwear, you can also choose other underwear or clothing. Only when wearing your favorite things can you show your best yourself.

7. Advocate healthy sexual concept

Choosing to wear sexy underwear does not mean excessive pursuit of sex, but add interest and fun to healthy sexual relations.We should advocate a healthy sexual concept, respect ourselves and the other half, and protect our body and dignity.

8. Conclusion

In short, wearing erotic underwear is not a vulgar behavior. As long as you hold a healthy attitude and focus on choosing the right style, material and size, you can show a charming side.But at the same time, we must also advocate a healthy sexual concept and respect ourselves and the other half.

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