Use old underwear to make sexy underwear

Use old underwear to make sexy underwear

Carefully choosing and buying sexy underwear is a compulsory course for every woman, but from the perspective of environmental protection, we should also try to reuse the underwear that is no longer used.Old underwear, which was originally tedious, can become a creative sexy underwear after clever transformation.Below will explain the production steps and the required tools in detail for the topic of making fun underwear for old underwear.

Preparation tool

The tools needed for sexy underwear with old underwear are very simple. You only need to prepare basic tools such as old underwear, scissors, sewing machines, needle wires, glue and other basic tools.If you do n’t have a sewing machine and you do n’t need to worry, you can use a needle wire instead. Although it takes some time, the effect is also excellent.

Choose underwear style

To make a messy underwear, you need to choose the right old underwear based on your physical conditions.You can choose the styles you want to make according to your expectations, such as adult sex lingerie or European and American sex underwear.

Main design

In terms of subject design, you can make creative design according to your own ideas. You can choose to wear and add small decoration on the chest and waist of the old underwear.The best is to add some lace edges and sequins to make it more eye -catching and improve the feelings of interest.

Add details

The details are the top priority, and it is also a key link that can express their own personality.Adding some lace or beads to the underwear will make your sexy underwear more beautiful and unique.

Adjust the size

After doing some details and design, you need a slightly different or pleasant underwear size.Therefore, unless it meets your physical conditions, it is generally necessary to tailor and adjust the size of the old underwear.You can use scissors or sewing machines to cut them into appropriate sizes.If you don’t want to adjust the size of the underwear yourself, you can also seek the help of professionals.

Add color

According to your personal preference, adding color to sexy underwear will make it more special and attractive.You can use layered colors, accessories, or dyes to increase the visual effects and attractiveness of underwear.

Mounting Accessories

After completing all the clothing design, you may need to do some installation accessories on underwear.These accessories may be zipper, buttons or hook bands, and so on.In this regard, you need to test the holes and tightness of the underwear in order to wear a comfortable and comfortable dressing experience.

Display work

There is no doubt that the production of sexy underwear is undoubtedly displayed.You can hang the underwear on the hanger and use the bedding or wallpaper to make a background to take the shocking photos of the underwear.

in conclusion

In the process of underwear design and transformation, you need to maintain patience and creativity, and also pay attention to using appropriate tools and skills.Making sexy underwear with old underwear can not only help us environmental protection, but also discover the fun of making underwear from it.

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