Tmall sex underwear buyers have no photos

The importance of sexy underwear

In modern society, sexy underwear has become an important element for many people to improve life.Not only can increase self -confidence, but also add interest to the life of husband and wife.Therefore, more and more people choose to buy sexy underwear to improve the quality of life.

The sexy underwear on Tmall

As the largest e -commerce platform in China, the types of sexy underwear on Tmall are very complete.From sexy style to adult styles, from European and American styles to Japanese style, various types of sexy underwear can find the corresponding product on Tmall.

Tmall sex lingerie buyer problem

However, some recent Tmall sexy underwear buyers said that it is difficult to determine whether the size and style are suitable when buying sex underwear because they cannot see photos of other buyers.

Other e -commerce platform solutions

In other e -commerce platforms, some buyers can share the sexy underwear photos they buy, and evaluate the size and quality to help other buyers make better purchase decisions.These photos often allow other buyers to understand the product more intuitively and improve the success rate of purchase.

The needs of Tmall sex underwear buyers

Therefore, some sexy underwear buyers on Tmall want to see the photos of other buyers to help them make better purchase decisions.This method not only improves the success rate of purchase, but also helps Tmall to improve the user experience.

Tmall sex lingerie buyer’s solution

If Tmall wants to solve this problem, they can consider adding a photo upload function to the product page, let other buyers upload the sexy underwear photos they buy, and evaluate the product.In this way, other buyers can understand the product more intuitively, and the purchase success rate can be improved.

Factors affecting solutions

However, there are some risks in this solution.On the one hand, the uploaded photos need to be reviewed to ensure that there will be no bad content.On the other hand, factors such as body type may affect the authenticity and objectivity of the photo.Therefore, when solving this problem, Tmall needs to comprehensively consider various factors to ensure the effectiveness and feasibility of the solution.

Other solutions

In addition to allowing buyers to upload photos, Tmall can also consider to increase buyers’ understanding of sexy underwear products through other ways, such as promoting videos and 3D trials.These methods can also increase buyers’ understanding of products and increase purchase success rates.


In short, the photo of Tmall sex underwear buyers needs to consider various factors and take effective measures to solve it.No matter what method is adopted, it is necessary to ensure effectiveness and feasibility, and improve the user experience through them.

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