Threading condom Instead underwear

What is a threaded condom for sexy underwear?

Steering condoms are used in a condomer in sex. It adds the thread design to the basis of ordinary condoms, increases the friction of vagina and glans, makes sex more pleasant and reduced the possibility of contraceptive failure.

Types of Threading Concubine Sexy underwear

Threading condoms can be divided into two models: male and female. Male use is usually an enhanced version of ordinary condoms, while women are used on the basis of the sleeve.Essence

How to correctly use a threaded condom for sexy underwear

The correct way to use the screw condoms is the same as that of ordinary condoms. It is necessary to wear correctly before sex. During the use process, pay attention to avoid damage and slip.At the same time, because it has a thread design, it is necessary to appropriately add lubricants to reduce the pain caused by the pain caused by excessive friction of the penis and vagina.

The advantages of threaded condoms sexy underwear

Compared with ordinary condoms, the advantages of threaded condoms are the advantage of itself that it can increase the pleasure of sex and enable both sides to get a better experience.At the same time, its contraceptive effect is also very reliable. Compared with other contraceptive methods, its safety and cost are very advantageous.

The disadvantage of threaded condoms sexy underwear

The disadvantage of a threaded condom for sexy underwear is that because of its special design, its price is higher than that of ordinary condoms.At the same time, the design of the thread will also increase friction and use resistance, which may reduce some people’s experience.

Who is suitable for using threaded condoms and sexy underwear

Compared with other contraceptive methods, the scope of the applicable population of threaded contraceptive lingerie is relatively wide, and both men and women can use it. Both couples and lovers can consider using it to achieve the effect of contraception and sex.

How to choose a threading condom for you

Like other condoms, the size and materials of the snail condoms are noticed, and the appropriate model needs to be selected according to your actual situation.At the same time, different brands and materials will also affect experience effects. It is recommended that you can try some brands and models to find the most suitable for you.

How to buy threaded condoms sexy underwear

Steering condoms can be purchased in adult products stores, pharmacies, online shops and other places.It is recommended to choose formal channels to buy, and pay attention to check the validity period and production date to avoid products with expired or poor quality.

How to maintain threaded contraceptives sexy underwear

The method of maintaining the sexy underwear in the maintenance thread condom is the same as that of ordinary condoms. It is necessary to avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, humidity and other environments.After use, it should be discarded and cleaned directly, and it is not recommended to use it to avoid affecting the effect and health.


Steering condoms are a good contraceptive tool. It can increase the pleasure of sex while ensuring safety and help improve the relationship between husband and wife or lovers.If you intend to use it, it is recommended to choose, use and maintain according to the information provided above to achieve the best results.

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