There is no interesting underwear at home

Paragraph 1: Introduction

For many families, sexy underwear is an unacceptable topic.Even for those who are bold and enlightened, the topic of underwear may make people feel embarrassing or uncomfortable.But in fact, in sex life, sexy underwear is a very useful tool that can increase sex and bring more stimuli and fun.So, what should I do if there is no sex underwear at home?

Section 2: Why buy sexy underwear

Buying sexy underwear is an investment that can bring a more pleasant sex life.Not only can you increase fun, but you can also strengthen your intimacy with your partner.In addition, sexy underwear is usually very beautiful, and it will make people feel more confident and sexy after wearing it.

Third paragraph: Understand gender preferences

Before buying sexy underwear, there should be a process of understanding the gender preference of the partner.Men and women’s preferences will be different, and some styles are only suitable for women or men.Understanding the partner’s preference can help choose the most suitable style.

Paragraph 4: Understand size and size

When buying sexy underwear, it is very important to understand size and size.Different brands of sexy underwear are different, so you need to measure the size of the partner first, and then choose the appropriate size.Choose the correct size and size to ensure that the sexy underwear is combined and improves wearing comfort.

Fifth paragraph: Choose the right style

When browsing sex underwear to choose, it is best to choose a suitable partner style, which needs to consider the personality and preference of the partner.If the partner is more conservative, you can start with simple styles, such as basic sexy underwear; if the partner is more open, you can consider trying to see more bold styles, such as suspenders, opening underwear, etc.

Section 6: Choose high -quality materials

It is important to choose high -quality sexy underwear materials.Low -quality underwear may cause allergies or uncomfortableness, while high -quality sexy underwear can bring a more comfortable dressing experience.Moreover, high -quality underwear will be more beautiful and more sexy after wearing.

Seventh paragraph: Choose the right color

Choosing the right color is a very important step to buy sexy underwear.Different colors of underwear can bring different effects. Some colors can make people feel easier, and some colors make people feel more sexy.When choosing a sexy underwear, you should give priority to your personal preference and choose the color that suits them best.

Paragraph eighth: Keep confidential when buying

Keeping privacy is a point that you must pay attention to when buying sexy underwear.Because this is a very personal item, you should choose a reliable seller when buying to ensure that the information will not be leaked.You can also choose to send the parcel to a special income box to ensure that personal privacy is not leaked.

Section 9: How to wear it

You need to consider how to match when choosing a sexy underwear.For women, you can match sexy underwear with high heels, stockings, skirts, etc., so that the whole person looks more sexy and beautiful; for men, you can match sex underwear with pants, shorts, T -shirts, etc. to make yourself more attractive.Essence

Section 10: Conclusion

Although buying sexy underwear may look very troublesome, in fact, you only need to consider several aspects to choose the most suitable style and size.Interest underwear can not only enhance sex life, but also increase self -confidence and fun.If there is no interesting underwear, then it is time to start considering buying.

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