The raw cloth of sexy underwear

The raw cloth of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a special style underwear designed to enhance or improve sexual life experience. It is usually made of various sexy, gender, special materials and fabrics.However, choose appropriate materials and fabrics to ensure sexy, calm, fashion and comfort.In this article, we will introduce some common raw materials of sexy underwear, as well as their characteristics and advantages and disadvantages.

1. Silk

Silk has always been the main material of sexy underwear, because it has a soft texture, good breathability, and a shiny appearance.Silk underwear usually feels very comfortable and has certain aesthetic value.However, it is also easy to lose its shape and needs to be washed and maintained with caution.

2. Lace

Lace is a common decorative material for sexy underwear.It looks beautiful and seductive, with a variety of color and texture choices.The lace fabric has luster, breathability and softness, but there is no silk -like comfort. Be careful not to catch it when you wear it.

3. denim cloth

Many sexy underwear brands are trying to use denim fabrics to create a different sensory stimulus.The denim fabric is relatively hard, but it has a solid feeling and fashion, and can be personalized in different colors and rust.However, pay attention to choosing high -quality denim cloth as much as possible.

4. Cotton

Cotton underwear has good breathability and high comfort.However, it cannot provide a gloss and visual attractiveness like silk or lace, but it is a good choice for those who are more comfortable.

5. Artificially made silk

Many sexy underwear brands use artificial silk underwear, which is a high -quality, comfortable and durable material, and is relatively easy to maintain.Artificial silk underwear has a luster and appearance like silk, but it can last longer than the silk.

6. Transparent fabric

Transparent fabrics are usually used in tulle or inlaid underwear in sexy underwear.They can provide a certain mystery and sexual attractiveness for the wearer, but you need to pay attention to the skillfulness, and don’t be too obtrusive.

7. Leather

Leather underwear is usually used to make sexy underwear in the BDSM series.It is very durable and is designed with sexual attractiveness and shock when manufacturing.However, leather underwear usually feels very tight when wearing, and requires special maintenance and cleaning methods.

8. Transparent grid

The translucent grid is a popular erotic lingerie fabric. It looks very sexy and provides a certain sense of excitement.It is more breathable, visually attractive and not much material, so it is more convenient to maintain and clean, but sometimes feel uncomfortable.

in conclusion

Obviously, many factors affect our choice when selecting sexy underwear materials and fabrics.We need to measure comfort, appearance, material quality and use.In short, the taste varies from person to person, and you need to choose from your preferences and comfort.

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