The earliest sexy sheet in Taiwan

The earliest sexy sheet in Taiwan

In today’s society, sexy underwear is no longer a tool for traditional restraint and covering femininity, but has become an expression of sexy and physical confidence in itself.However, few people know that Taiwan has already had sexy underwear manufacturing in the history of sex underwear 50 years ago. Here is the earliest sexy underwear in Taiwan.

1. The founder Wang Tiansheng

The earliest sexy underwear manufacturer in Taiwan was Natraco, founded by Mr. Wang Tiansheng.In 1957, he mainly operated trade and imported industrial knitting machines, and soon became the leader of Taiwan’s economic and trade community.With years of production experience, he hopes to based on finished processing.

2. The first sexy underwear

In 1960, Wang Tiansheng began to try to produce sexy underwear.However, due to the conservative social atmosphere of Taiwan at that time, this product did not have the market, and production was very difficult.It was not until 1965 that the concept of love gradually became open, and the situation changed.After that, Natraco produced the first sexy underwear.

3. Affected by the Hollywood trend

In the 1960s, the European and American trend swept the world.In Taiwan, Hollywood movies introduced many attractive fashion elements.Wang Tiansheng deeply realized that sexy underwear is already very popular in the European and American markets, so he began the development of the sex underwear market and product research.

4. Strict quality control

Wang Tiansheng strictly controls every sex underwear produced by Natraco.Each process from the selection, design and manufacturing of materials must be inspected in detail to ensure the quality of the finished product.With consistent high -quality manufacturing standards, Natraco’s sexy underwear quickly swept the market.

5. Sales network spreads all over the world

Not only is the manufacturing technology level, but also one of the advantages of Natraco.The company’s sales network is all over the world, including Europe, the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and other places. It has been specially welcomed by the Japanese market. It is known as the leading brand of Taiwan’s sexy underwear. It has a high reputation and high reputation.

6. Etiquette of the Japanese market attaches importance to

After entering the Japanese market, Natraco also made corresponding adjustments, because etiquette in the Japanese market attaches great importance to it, and even the gift packaging of sexy underwear is quite particular.Natraco’s packaging into a very emotional look has become a "taste" gift in Japan.

7. Affect the Chinese market

With the opening of the Chinese market and the continuous development of the economy, sexy underwear has gradually attracted much attention.The development of Taiwan’s manufacturing industry in the Chinese market has played a huge role in promoting.Natraco also formulated a production plan that meets the needs of the Chinese market after fully investigating the Chinese market and achieved good market response.

8. The pressure faced

However, with the increasing competition in the underwear market, Natraco has also begun to feel tremendous pressure from domestic and overseas markets.In a rapidly changing market economy environment, sufficient competitiveness is the most important weight for manufacturers’ long -term survival.

9. Future development

Although Natraco has been leading in the market, facing the rapid changes in the market today, the future development situation is still full of uncertainty.However, there is no doubt that the history and status of Natraco in the sexy underwear manufacturing industry are very representative.

10. Viewpoint

With the gradual opening of people’s sexual concepts, the sexy underwear market will become more prosperous.The pioneering and leading position of Natraco’s sex underwear manufacturing industry is like a bright lamp, shining on the history of the progress of sexy underwear manufacturing.For details, please pay attention to the relevant information.

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