The boyfriend does not know the sexy dress

The boyfriend does not know the sexy dress

With the opening of the public concept, more and more women have begun to understand and expose sexy underwear.However, in the field of sexy underwear, they often find that they do not understand these concepts, let alone how to apply these underwear.So, how can women communicate with her boyfriend sexy underwear?Let’s analyze it below.

1. Share your interest

Before discussing sexy underwear, let your boyfriend know that this is your interest.Tell him how your hobbies of this underwear can improve your self -confidence and sexy.My boyfriend will also understand the benefits and values of this new thing.

2. Explain the role of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not only a way of sexy expression, but also improves its physical form.For example, for women with insufficient breasts, some invisible underwear with end lining can provide breast enhancement effects; for women with thick waist but relatively well -proportioned chests, bras with strong concentrated effects can be used to disperse.These useful functions can be told boyfriend that letting him understand that sexy underwear is not only fancy clothing.

3. Explain the types of sexy underwear

Interest underwear has a variety of shapes and types.For example, suspended underwear, lace underwear, three -point type, and so on.Each type of underwear is suitable for women with different body types and preferences.Explanation of these underwear types can help her boyfriend better geographically solve sexy underwear and know which underwear is most suitable for girlfriends.

4. Choose the most suitable sexy underwear

Tell your boyfriend why you choose a specific underwear style.For example, for the exposed appearance, telling her boyfriend is a sexy dress that can enhance women’s sexy and self -confidence.Or, for solid underwear, it is suitable for the usual clothing to highlight its sexy temperament.

5. Pay attention to the size

Size is an important factor.Tell your boyfriend to pay attention to the size during the selection of sexy underwear.If the size is incorrect, not only will it not have the ideal effect, it will lead to a uncomfortable experience, but it will be counterproductive.

6. Consider buying a set

If my boyfriend is still unfamiliar with sexy underwear, you can recommend buying a set of erotic underwear suits, which can more intuitively solve the entire process of lingerie underwear, and you can also let your boyfriend understand different occasions that need different erotic underwear.

7. Follow quality

Tell her boyfriend’s quality of sexy underwear is also very important.When selecting sexy underwear, pay attention to the quality of the materials and accessories, and ensure comfort and safety.In other words, when choosing a sexy underwear, just pay attention to quality, so women can take care of their beauty and comfort.

8. More details

When discussing sexy underwear, there are some details to pay attention to.For example, when choosing a sexy underwear, consider whether it is suitable for your body and personal taste, and also consider whether it is suitable for specific occasions.Tell your boyfriend if you choose the right sexy underwear, it will improve the beauty and self -confidence of women.

in conclusion

It is important to share your fun and knowledge with your partner.For boyfriends who do not understand the love underwear, explain the details, types, size, quality of the benefits, types, size, and quality of sexy underwear, they can help them better geographically solve sexy underwear.You can also go to the store or website to buy suitable sexy underwear, so that they can better contact and understand these underwear, and improve women’s self -confidence and sexy.

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