Taobao sex underwear cannot comment

Taobao sex underwear has problems that cannot be reviewed

As a platform based on online consumption, Taobao’s comment has become a very important indicator for consumer reference.However, for a special product such as sexy underwear, Taobao has some problems that are different from other products. One of them is that you cannot comment on sexy underwear.Such problems have a certain impact on consumers’ shopping experience.

Comments can help consumers make better choices

More and more products on Taobao can comment, which brings great convenience to consumers.Consumers can obtain information from various aspects of the quality, function, size and other aspects of the product, and can better make a choice for the product.However, it is difficult for consumers to get the evaluation of other people and make it difficult for consumers to make better choices because they cannot comment.

It is difficult to understand the specific quality and comfort of the product

For sexy underwear with private properties, consumers need to consider problems such as quality and comfort after purchasing.In terms of quality, it is impossible to understand the evaluation of others through comment, so that it is difficult for consumers to judge the actual quality of the product.In terms of comfort, sexy underwear cannot be tried, so that consumers cannot predict whether they are comfortable and increase the risk of shopping.

Can’t get the experience of other consumers

In addition to quality and comfort, products such as sexy underwear need to use the experience of other consumers.However, because it is impossible to view other people’s experience in the use of sexy underwear on Taobao, shoppers cannot get more information and inspiration, and sexy underwear merchants on Taobao cannot obtain feedback from other users.Development will also be affected.

Merchant’s after -sales service is difficult to get feedback

Taobao’s comment system not only provides convenience for consumers, but also provides sellers with feedback.For a mature e -commerce process, this feedback is crucial.However, for products like Taobao sex underwear, comments cannot be carried out, and it is difficult for sellers to get feedback from buyers, so that the improvement of seller after -sales service will also cause some trouble.

The risk of violations of malicious comments

Although comments allow consumers to get more information, problems such as malicious and buyer guidance often cause controversy.The situation may be more serious for sexy underwear, such as private underwear.If Taobao allows commenting on sexy underwear, malicious comments are likely to be misleading to other consumers.In this case, Taobao needs to be stricter for the management of comments, otherwise it may bring more problems.

Restrictions on factors such as laws and regulations

Products such as sex underwear have a private nature. At the same time, the laws and regulations of the state’s related health care products have some strict restrictions on their sales and publicity.These factors will affect the restrictions on commenting on sexy underwear on Taobao, which is an unavoidable problem.

Other ways can make up for the lack of comments

Although you can’t comment on sexy underwear on Taobao, I believe that some other ways can help consumers better understand the emotional lingerie.For example, you can check the relevant information about sexy underwear on other websites, or pay attention to social accounts of sexy underwear media.At the same time, you can choose to buy on Taobao after trying it on, so that you can better ensure the satisfaction and effect of shopping.

in conclusion

It may not be a small disadvantage of sexy underwear on Taobao, but the comments will also bring great hidden dangers for products such as sex underwear.Although it cannot be directly comment on Taobao, other channels can provide more information and reference to help consumers make better choices.

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