Sexy underwear online live broadcast and goods

Sexy underwear online live broadcast and goods

Background introduction

Recently, the live broadcast of the sex underwear is becoming more and more popular.Many erotic lingerie brands have begun to choose to create brand image, live sales on the offline live broadcast platform, and increase user experience.This emerging sales method not only opened new sales channels for the sexy underwear industry, but also improved the user’s awareness of the brand.Let ’s take a look at the benefits and advantages of live broadcast live broadcasts and lives.

Advantage 1: The effect of publicity is significant

As a special product, sexy underwear is often difficult to expose the user’s real needs, while live sales can solve this problem well, because users can directly see the product effect and specific usage.In offline live broadcasts, shopping guides can cooperate with the characteristics of the product to promote, which further enhances brand awareness and user stickiness.

Advantage 2: Increase user stickiness

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In addition to brand propaganda, live underwear live broadcast and bringing goods are also a good way to increase user stickiness.In the live broadcast, shopping guides can not only introduce products to users, but also provide users with one -on -one consulting services, answer their questions, and solve their confusion.In this way, users will have a sense of trust and favorability for the brand, thereby increasing the loyalty of users.

Advantage three: increase sales rate

Fun underwear online live broadcast and cargo can not only improve the promotional effect and user stickiness, but also directly increase the sales rate.In the live broadcast, shopping guides can explain the needs of different users, recommend the most suitable products to increase the purchase rate.Even in the live broadcast, some preferential activities and small gifts can be set up to further increase the sales rate.

What are the offline live broadcast platforms suitable for sex underwear?

So, what platforms should I choose to choose to bring goods under the live underwear line?At present, there are many options on the market, such as Taobao Live, Quick Live, Douyin Live, etc.Undoubtedly, these regular platforms are very suitable for live broadcasts for live underwear.Through the offline live broadcast platform, the sexy underwear brand can not only display the product to more users, but also increase the stickiness with users through interaction and increase the sales rate.

How to add user experience in the live broadcast?

It is also very important to increase the user experience in the live broadcast of sex underwear.The following aspects can help you better increase the user experience:

First, the live broadcast content is colorful

Live content is one of the core factors that affect the user experience. The brand needs to formulate a reasonable live content based on its own characteristics, and integrate the characteristics of the product, brand concept, and user needs.Users’ participation.


Second, increase the interactive link

In the live broadcast of the audience, the shopping guide’s questions to the audience should be as fast and comprehensive as possible, and at the same time, the interactive links, such as drawing, question and answer, etc., to attract participation and strengthen audience participation experience.

Third, targeted activity gifts

In the live broadcast of sexy underwear brands, some targeted activity gifts can be set in live broadcast to enhance the enthusiasm and loyalty of users’ purchase, and they can also better meet their needs.

How to promote offline live broadcast?

The live broadcast live broadcast of sexy lingerie requires a certain amount of promotion channels to attract users’ attention. The following methods can help brands better promote offline live broadcasts.

First, social media platform

Fun underwear brands can post some short videos, pictures and other content on social media platforms, add attention, and pave the way for offline live broadcast.At the same time, the brand can also use WeChat groups, QQ groups and other channels to expand the exposure and increase brand awareness.

Second, use products to place

In the process of promoting offline live broadcasts, sexy lingerie brands can add the latest products, activity information, and introduction of goods in publicity data, mail and live broadcast promotion to attract consumers to pay attention to the brand and increase their desire to buy.

Third, cooperate with blue V or star

Through the live broadcast of cooperation with Blue V or celebrities, sexy underwear brands can quickly attract more user attention through the popularity and influence of celebrities, increase brand awareness and popularity, and increase sales rates.


The advantages and benefits of live broadcast lives and lives are still very obvious.The brand needs to pay attention to the quality of the live broadcast content, the professional quality of the shopping guide, the choice of live broadcast platforms, improve the user experience, and master the techniques of offline live promotion to better achieve the goal of sales and brand promotion.