Sexy underwear 06119

Sexy underwear 06119

Sexy underwear 06119 series introduction

Sex underwear has always been a representative of mystery and excitement, and this 06119 series is more sexy and stunning.It is a set of erotic lingerie for couples and couples who like to try new feelings.


The 06119 series contains a total of 4 styles, namely lace hollow bellyband+diamond sex T -shaped pants, diamond sex panties, diamonds inlaid underwear, and diamond -set sex pajamas.


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The comfortable and skin -friendly polyester fiber fabric is soft and personal, ventilated and breathable, comfortable to wear, and easy to clean and maintain.


The 06119 series has two color choices: black and red. Black represents mysterious and sexy, and red symbolizes enthusiasm and passion.


This series of sexy lingerie size from S code to XXL code, is quite wide. Whether you are slim or plump and burly, you can find a style and size that suits you.


The 06119 series is suitable for various interesting occasions, such as husband and wife fun time, Valentine’s Day, anniversary day, party, etc., whether it is a secret one -night stand or long -term lovers, it is very suitable, which can increase the tacit and intimacy between couples and intimacy.Essence

Matching skills

For the matching of underwear, some people like to match all kinds of leather whip tools and other accessories, while others are keen to match black high -heeled shoes or boots, and some people choose to carefully create their own weakness and coquettish factor.

Robes & Gowns


The sexy underwear 06119 series uses polyester fiber fabrics, so cleaning and maintenance are relatively simple. It is recommended to use hand washing. It is best not to exceed 30 degrees of water.Essence


When using sexy underwear, you should pay attention to your own health and safety to avoid allergies and itching. If you find discomfort, you should remove underwear and consult your doctor in time.In addition, after use of sexy underwear, it should be cleaned and disinfected in time to avoid risk of bacterial breeding and infectious diseases.


This sexy underwear 06119 series is definitely sexy and stunning representatives. Whether you like to try new feelings, or to add some interesting and exciting couples, it is worth trying.