Sex underwear washing machine

Sex underwear washing machine

Why can I use a washing machine to wash the sex underwear?

Many people think that sexy underwear needs to be washed to maintain quality and protection, but in fact, many sexy underwear labels can be cleaned with washing machines.Some can even dry up in the dryer.why?This is because most sexy underwear has fibroma and structures similar to traditional clothing.

How to protect sexy underwear materials?

Some sexy lingerie materials need special care.For example, nylon and spandex materials that can be cleaned with washing machines cannot be washed with clothing with Velcro hooks, because VelCro hooks will wear fiber, causing rustic and damage.When washing, it is recommended to use a laundry bag in the washing machine to prevent the lingerie materials from the buttons, claws or needles.In addition, the use of cleaner under low temperature and soft cycle is also the key.

The relationship between underwear and color

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The color of the dye may fall or penetrate on the sexy underwear, causing the dye to run to other clothes.Therefore, it is recommended to wash separately when washing light -colored sexy underwear, and use it for black or dark washing agents.

How to put underwear correctly

When you put the sexy underwear into the washing machine, it is also important to place it.You can choose to put them in a laundry bag to protect them from wrapping, distorting or stretching.Placed in the center of the washing machine can avoid the texture of the rubber band or other holes and other holes and damage to the sexy underwear structure.

How to choose water temperature

Most sexy underwear is washed with cold water to avoid fiber deformation, discoloration or reduction.Pay special attention to the washing instructions and instructions on the label.Many sexy underwear needs to be washed or hand -washed at low temperature to ensure maintenance.

How to choose a cleaning agent

Some detergents can fade, corrodes or fade in the material of the sexy underwear.In order to ensure the safety of sexy underwear, it is recommended to use the special maintenance of the sexy underwear of the cleaning agent and perform it according to the washing instructions.

How to dry correctly

Some sexy underwear can be dried, but you need to pay attention to the temperature, do not exceed 55 ° C, and select medium or low -power drying.In particular, the sexy underwear with beads, lace or ribbons cannot be exposed directly, so as not to wear and damage. Pay attention to hand -drying.

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How to store sexy underwear

Storage of sexy underwear is important.It is recommended to fold the sexy underwear in the cabinet or drawer and avoid being stored in places where it is too humid or direct.If possible, the way to keep the underwear shaped is to fold the underwear and place it on a flat surface with a protective pad.

Common errors in underwear cleaning

People often like to add underwear to hot water, use ordinary clothing detergents or bleach to remove stains or long -term use marks.This approach is neither ineffective and may cause damage. Interest underwear requires a dedicated low pH cleaner.

The correct number of washing times

Interest underwear is different from other clothing and does not need to be washed every day.After wearing underwear for about 24 hours, it can remove moisture and stains.It is recommended to use it or sweat every time or twice.

in conclusion

You can use the washing machine to clean the sexy underwear, do a good job of classification, detergent selection, water temperature, drying method, and correctly placement. Not only can you better clean the underwear, but also extend the service life of clothing.At the same time, each sexy underwear needs special protection and care. Do not wash them with other clothes to avoid wear and damage.