Sex underwear posture chart

Sex underwear posture chart


Interest underwear is a weapon that enhances sexual stimulation. It can help the spouse feel more pleasure, enhance the quality of sex, and increase the tacit understanding between you.In the process of using sex underwear, the appropriate posture and angle will better achieve sexual effects.Below we will introduce you to some sexual underwear’s usage posture and sexual perspective.

Cat and women’s clothing posture

Cat and women’s clothing is a very female charm and sexy sexy underwear. When using it, it is recommended that women sit on his legs behind men.This posture can not only increase the sense of personal and friction, but also stimulate the other party’s sexual fantasy and increase sexual pleasure.

Shoulder strap underwear posture

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The shoulder -free underwear is a very feminine sexy underwear, which can create a tempting figure.It is recommended that when using a shoulder -free underwear, women use the wall to facing men, hanging on him more casually. By twisting the waist and intense physical exercise to increase the desire between the two.

Sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear that involves sexy utensils. It is mostly made of silk material. It has a small coverage area and a strong personality. It is very tempting to wear itself.It is recommended that women can lie down on the bed when using sexy underwear, and men are sexually located above women. In this way, men can better control the rhythm and allow women to experience more orgasm.


Thong pants are a very tempting sexy underwear, which can show women’s round hip curves and thin waist lines.It is recommended that when using thongs, women can better show curves to men when they use thongs, especially when they are lying down.Men can attack from behind to better enjoy the pleasure of sex, and at the same time can stimulate women’s G points.

Outdoor showing posture

Outdoor exposure is a risky sexy underwear. It is recommended to avoid places as much as possible when using it, so as not to cause uncomfortable others. However, you can try it in the deserted villages, mountain roads and other places.This kind of sexy underwear is high. When wearing, both men and women can carry forward, as natural as possible, use the venue for sex, and increase the stimulus effect.

Sexual jumpsuit posture

Sexual jumpsuit is a kind of sexy underwear with a certain irritation, suitable for more mature couples.It is recommended that women who are healthy use sexual jumpsuits can allow men to stand by the bed or sit on the sofa when wearing them, and to resist women from behind for sexual intercourse, so that the stimulus effect is the best.


Temptation underwear

Tempting underwear is a relatively avant -garde sexy underwear. Due to its special material, wearing it can better attach to the body. It is very practical.It is generally recommended that when used, both men and women can cross the bed to increase the stimulus of sex and improve the pleasure by changing their postures.

Bras series underwear posture

The bras series underwear is a more artistic sexy underwear. When wearing, you need to pay attention to some of your own characteristics, such as the size of the chest and the length of the arm.It is generally recommended that women face it when they are used. Men can use the bedside or sit on the sofa to carry out sexual activities. At this time, the woman can approach her back to the man, allowing the man to better feel and breathe the woman’s breath.

Yingying witch posture

Yingying Witch is a very mysterious and sexy sexy underwear. Due to its special design, it can well meet the needs of the sex.It is recommended that women can shoot or struggle on men when they are used, which can quickly mobilize the emotions of sexuality, while increasing the sense of irritation and adventure.

Metal connective clothes

Metal coat is a kind of sexy underwear with a high degree of personal nature. It can simulate SM situations well, and you can feel more stimulus during use.It is recommended that both sexuality can be tried on the bed, walls, or carpets to try to increase sexual pleasure and improve the sensory experience.


Interest underwear allows people to experience different pleasures in sex life, and at the same time enriches the way of sex.When using sexy underwear, remember that the appropriate posture and angle are one of the important parts of sex, so that you can truly experience the charm of sexy underwear.