Selling sexy underwear underwear underwear

Selling sexy underwear underwear underwear

Selling sexy underwear underwear underwear

Choose the right cup

Choosing the right cup is the basis for showing thin sexy underwear.If the cup is too small, the flesh will overflow, if it is too large, the chest will look loose.The correct cup can improve the chest lines and make the chest look more up.

Select thick material

The thick material can shape the perfect body line, especially if the thickness of the critical parts can effectively concentrate the flesh, making the figure look more well -proportioned.

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The importance of stretching fabric

Stretching fabrics can be tightly wrapped in the body to play a good role in modifying.And it is comfortable to wear, it will not cause too much restraint.

Advantages of high waist design

High -waist sex underwear can tighten the abdomen and hips well to make the figure more perfect.And the high waist design can pull the waistline and make the legs look longer.

Black is a thin color

Black -colored and sexy underwear is a thin artifact.Black can stretch the body lines well to make the figure look smoother.And black is a very sexy color.

Fashion for off -shoulder design

Own shoulder erotic underwear is a must -have for spring and summer seasons.Exposing the shoulders can make the upper body lines more beautiful and breathable, which is very suitable for wearing indoors.

Red color sexy underwear sexy

Thigh High

Red -colored underwear is a very sexy color, which can highlight the unique charm of women.And red can also increase the complexion, making people look more energetic.

Half cup design

Half -cup -covered sexy underwear can weaken the weight of the chest well, making the chest even lighter.And the half -cup can effectively concentrate the chest, making the chest lines more beautiful.

Elegant lace

Lace is one of the important elements of sexy underwear.The elegant lace can cover the meat well and play a good role in beautifying.And lace can add a romantic feeling, making people more sexy and beautiful.

Simple and generous design

Simple and generous design can show women’s temperament well, and it is more comfortable to wear.Simple design can highlight women’s body lines and highlight the beauty of women.


Choosing a thin sexy underwear that suits you can enhance women’s confidence and charm.I hope the above tips can help you and make you more beautiful.