Do you want to throw away the sexy underwear?

Do you want to throw away the sexy underwear?

Selection of sex underwear

In today’s market, there are countless types of sexy underwear and dazzling.When choosing a sexy underwear, in addition to the style and color, the fabric material is also an important factor that needs to be considered.It is best to choose a stylish style, soft fabric, comfortable and breathable sexy underwear.In addition, the size also needs to be paid attention to. Excessive size or too small will affect the wear effect and comfort.

Precautions for wearing sexy underwear

Before wearing sexy underwear, you should pay attention to hygiene, and the sexy underwear should be washed clean.At the same time, avoid using too much cosmetics when wearing sexy underwear to avoid pollution of sexy underwear.Finally, understand the way of dressing of sexy underwear, especially some special styles to avoid discomfort caused by improper wear.

Life of sexy underwear

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Although the material and production process of sexy underwear are constantly improving, sex losses will still occur after a period of time.Some low -quality sexy underwear is more prone to sticky hair, color loss, etc. These underwear can be eliminated.And some high -quality erotic underwear can maintain a good state for many years, and it does not need to be thrown away for a long time.

The more replacement cycle of sexy underwear

Generally speaking, the more interchange cycle of sexy underwear should be half a year to one year.After a long period of use, the fabric and elasticity of the sex underwear will be weakened, and the comfort when wearing will be reduced.If there are problems such as deformation, wear, and hook loosening in sex underwear, this underwear will definitely need to be replaced.

The frequency of wearing sexy underwear

The frequency of sexy underwear does not have a clear standard, varies from person to person.Generally speaking, if it is a conventional style of sexy underwear, there is no problem wearing once a week.However, for the large -scale exposed sexual emotional and interesting underwear, for the consideration of hygiene and wearable feelings, it is best not to wear frequently for a long time.

Falling underwear maintenance

There are many places to pay attention to the maintenance of sexy underwear.First of all, do not use the washing machine to wash the sexy underwear. It is best to wash it in your hand.Secondly, use neutral detergents to avoid using bleach, strong alkaline cleaning agent and high temperature water.Finally, after washing, it should be dried in a cool and ventilated place to avoid dried wind in the sun or blowing machine for a long time.

Discard of sexy underwear

For sexy underwear that has been used for a while, you can choose to discard.When discarding, it is best to put the sexy underwear in a carton or bag to indicate "garbage" or "discard" to avoid invasion of other people.At the same time, if there is too much wear or damage to the sexy underwear, you can also consider cutting directly.

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Repeat use of sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear is a personal item, if you pay attention to personal hygiene habits when wearing, it is not easy to damage, and it can even be reused.If the sexy underwear is only a slight sweat stain, you can flip it inward and put it in a closed bag, and put it in the refrigerator for a few days. This can not only clean the underwear, but also kill the germs.Of course, this method is only applicable to the hard sexy underwear.

Conclusion 1: Discard or retain

Based on the above content, we can get a conclusion: sexy underwear does not have to be thrown away immediately after each use.Good erotic underwear can be reused, and poor sexy underwear can be eliminated.In terms of wearing, you should pay attention to personal hygiene habits and comfort.Some high -quality erotic underwear can maintain a good state for many years, and there is no need to throw away long -term use.

Conclusion 2: Maintenance is important

At the same time, the maintenance of sexy underwear is also crucial.Maintaining the clean and good state of sexy underwear can extend the life of the underwear and improve the experience of use.During the maintenance process, we should pay attention not to use too much cleaning agent and high temperature water, especially for those fabrics that are softer of sexy underwear.Only by doing a good job can we better use sex underwear and enjoy a better experience.