Do you want to scrape your hair underwear? Girls

Do you want to scrape your hair underwear? Girls

Wearing erotic underwear has always been one of the ways for women to show sexy and charm, and choosing sexy underwear that suits you can not only make themselves more confident, but also increase the relationship.However, there seems to be a lot of controversy about whether girls need to scrape when wearing sexy underwear.Let’s discuss this issue.

1. Do you have to scrape your hair before wearing it?

Before choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider whether it is necessary to shave.If you are used to keeping clean and tidy, it is particularly important to shave hair.However, if you really don’t like scratching, you can choose to cover the sexy lingerie style that can cover the part.It should be the most important thing to make you feel comfortable.

2. Selection of sexy underwear style

It is important to choose a style when buying sexy underwear.You need to consider your body characteristics and personality, and whether you need to expose your arms, belly, legs or chest.Choose the style that is also suitable for you and the other half to maximize the sexy and charm.

3. Comfort is the key

When wearing sex underwear, comfort is very important.Even if you wear the sexiest sexy underwear, if you can’t bring you comfort, you will lose the purpose you should have achieved.Therefore, it is important to choose the correct size (loose but not tension) and fabric (soft, breathable).

4. Sexual needs

Some people think that sexuality needs to be cleaner and neat, which can strengthen the sexual experience of both parties.However, whether this requires shaving depends on the other party’s personal preferences, so it is necessary to communicate with the other half in this regard.

5. Take care of yourself

Scratching may bring skin irritation. No matter how you choose, you must ensure that your skin is taken care and maintenance.The use of proper solution and moisturizing agent can effectively relieve discomfort and maintain neat.In addition, the behavior of sitting or wearing tight pants may also cause skin wear, so you need to protect it carefully.

6. Gender perspective consideration

Each person’s gender angle may also affect the concept of shaving.Men often think that women should keep as smooth and clean as possible, but women often pay more attention to their feelings and comfort.In this regard, the two sides also need to open up and respect each other’s communication.

7. No absolute standard

There is no absolute standard for scratching hair, depending on personal habits and comfort.Some people think that it must be completely shaved to achieve a perfect sexy effect, and some people think that leaving a little hair can protect their skin and increase charm.It is important that you must make the most appropriate choice for your body.

8. Summary

In summary, if you want to wear sexy underwear to show self -confidence and sexy, it is acceptable to shave or leave hair.Choosing the underwear style that is suitable for you is naturally important. At the same time, you should respect the personal preferences and communication of the other half to better enjoy sex and romantic time.

9. Explore yourself

The process of wearing sex underwear can also be a way to explore yourself and the other half. In this case, how to choose how to wear sexy underwear is more depending on personal preferences and personality.Whether you like to scrape or leave hair, it is a way to show confidence and sexy.

10. Finally

In any case, self -confidence and comfort are primary.Whether you choose to stay or scrape your hair, wearing sexy underwear is to better show yourself, increase your self -confidence and charm, and enjoy the sweet moments of the two.

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