Boyfriend said I don’t like sexy underwear

Boyfriend said I don't like sexy underwear

Boyfriend said I don’t like sexy underwear

Sex underwear is a special underwear clothing. They usually highly express the characteristics of sexy and gender visually or sensitive, thereby meeting people’s sexual fantasy, sexual impulses, pornographic entertainment and other needs to a certain extent.However, when a woman enthusiastically put on her sexy underwear to show her beauty and sexy to her partner, there may be problems in details.

I have misunderstandings about sexy underwear

First of all, like any kind of clothing, there is a difference in style of sexy underwear. From simple styles to the optimal luxury brand, the market has hundreds of brands, but men have misunderstandings about sexy underwear.Different from well -known, men do not like sexy underwear. They prefer basic styles, fancy, and high -level, so as to highlight the beauty of women’s body lines.One of the important reasons is because men think that sexy underwear is just a decoration, not a real underwear, which is even more so for couples with real interaction.

Sexy is not necessarily equal to sexy underwear

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In addition, many women are too fashionable and sexy, so they choose sexy underwear, but actually sexy is not equivalent to sexy underwear.Sexy can be a simple and classic basic style, such as V -shaped, shoulder straps, vests, etc. The stylish shape can also show the beautiful and beautiful women’s youthful and beautiful.Men are not prejudiced to sexy underwear, but they expect women’s clothing to better set off women’s personality and beauty.

Sex underwear needs to choose a style that suits you

When women choose sexy underwear, they need to choose styles according to their physical conditions and personality hobbies. It is not advisable to follow the trend or cater to the preferences of others.In your favorite erotic lingerie style, choose the material and practical functions that suits you, such as comfort, aesthetic, and pay attention to color, size, details, etc. to ensure the quality and hygiene of dressing.

The importance of sexy underwear depends on the partner’s view

In fact, all expectations and needs eventually depend on the views of the partner.If your partner likes sexy underwear very much, then this choice becomes your best choice.If it is not important for your partner, sexy underwear is not important, then you don’t have to care.But at any time, wearing a underwear that makes you feel good should help women build a unique self -confidence and pleasure, and this emotional effect may deeply affect emotion and relationship.

Don’t be outrageous

The last suggestion is that when showing your beautiful posture for your partner, don’t show your organs on your body.Sometimes excessive privacy reveals will make people who objectively evaluate you to be daunting and bring you a reaction, so it is necessary to maintain moderate restraint and self -control.

Need to communicate frank with your partner

In this game selected by underwear, the biggest problem is the lack of communication and communication and squeeze your true needs.In my opinion, women are best to be frank with their partners before wearing fun underwear, ask his views, and understand his attitude. This can make themselves more clear about their choices and steadily develop their feelings for both sides.


in conclusion

All in all, sexy underwear is a very interesting and exciting costume, but at the same time, it also brings many challenges and risks.Understand your own body and the information you want to express, and consider the needs and preferences of your spouse, this is the key to successful use of sexy underwear.Interesting, hygiene and practicality are important indicators in the process of use. Proper underwear display may make your relationship with your partner more intimate and beautiful.