Binding sex underwear mouth

Binding sex underwear mouth

What is a tied upset underwear?

Binding sexy underwear spheres refers to a woman wearing a bump or sexy underwear made of leather or ropes, and biting a mouthball in the mouth to achieve a unique visual and sensory experience.This kind of sexy underwear is usually used in role -playing, SM games or other sex games.

Binding the style of sexy lingerie mouth

There are many different styles to choose from to bind the sex underwear.One of the common styles includes a bare -body jacket with bare chest and buttocks, and sometimes handcuffs and footsteps.At the same time, portal goals usually come from various deposit materials and sizes to suitable for different needs.

How to choose the right binding of sexy underwear mouth?

Selecting the right binding of sexy underwear balls need to consider multiple factors: styles, materials, comfort and safety.It is recommended to choose a material with higher comfort and practice to adapt to it as soon as possible to ensure that you can maintain your and your partner’s safety during the game.

Safety problem of binding erotic underwear

When wearing a tied -up sex underwear, make sure to implement appropriate security measures.This means keeping a sober mind so that you can judge when you need to give up playing.In addition, it is not too tight to ensure that the tightly tied bodies, handcuffs, or footsteps will not be too tight to cause airway blockage, loss of balance or other damage.

Normal use of binding sex underwear

Normal use of binding of sexy underwear balls requires compliance with important behavioral guidelines.This includes:

Never force your partner to do what they don’t want to do.

Do not play SM games without discussion and consent.

Never use violence, or the pain of creating partners.

Safety release bundle sex lingerie mouth

If you start to feel nausea, dizziness, difficulty breathing, changes in blood pressure, or other unwell symptoms, then immediately put it on the binding sex underwear.If you can’t get rid of the bundle, then use security release technology, such as an agreed signal in advance and release it with a consciousness.

How to clean up the blocked color of the sexy underwear?

Different binding of sexy underwear pool materials require different cleaning methods.Labels usually provide suggestions and point out specific detergents.You should clean up your bundled sexy underwear ball map and keep dry to avoid bacterial breeding and affecting your health.

How to store binding of sexy underwear?

When storing binding the sexy underwear, it is recommended to put it in a dry, cool and avoiding place.Put it in a bag or box to avoid rubbing and damage to other items.


Binding sex underwear mouth maps can bring people new stimulus and human nature inquiry, but do not take it lightly during use.As a sexual toy, users should understand security measures and normal behavior guidelines to ensure the safety and health of individuals and partners.

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